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    Cool Photos of Old Trees I thought some of you may like these photos. Her book is out of stock at Amazon, but it's now on my wishlist.
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    Craigslist Concave Pruners

    As part of an amazing Craigslist score today, the seller threw in these cutters. Can anyone help me with an ID? I think I recognize the chop on the pots. :o
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    A bridge

    I copied this image from Stone Lantern's excellent blog. & it seems he lifted it from here: I would love to know who made this. So cool.
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    Ficus Retusa root issue

    As you can see in the pictures, I have a Ficus retusa with a root circling its base. It has obviously been there for a while since the trunk is growing around it. Any suggestions on what I should do with it? bury it and let the tree just continue to grow over? scrape the outer layer off...
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    Pedro Morales - Tropical Bonsai vol. 1

    Has anybody checked out this new book yet?
  6. mat

    Trimming a Portulacaria

    Here's a cool video (more of a photo progression I guess) of Richard Turner trimming his big Portulacaria afra. I wonder how often he repots it.
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    Peg Grafting

    Here's a neat video from Wigert's where he peg grafts a big Green Island Ficus. I like how the aerial roots are left to continue feeding the grafted branches. Edit - here's another:
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    New post form Tyler Sherrod

    Tyler Sherrod has a new post on his blog. Nice photos of some very nice trees:
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    Looking for some workshop advice

    I've signed up for a bring-your-own-tree workshop with Michael Feduccia, in about a month. I'm having a hard time choosing a tree to bring. It will be the middle of winter, which obviously is different from "winter" in most of your locales. Here though, it significantly limits the severity of...
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    Spectacular photos of Earth

    NASA has released a free e-book full of amazing photographs titled "Earth As Art". The PDF can be downloaded here:
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    The Bonsai Art of Japan - episode 31

    More awesomeness from Bjorvalabonsai. This one's pretty much just eye-candy, without any instruction. Still, breathtaking stuff.
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    Penjing: The Chinese Art of Bonsai by Zhao Qingquan

    Has anybody else picked up Penjing: The Chinese Art of Bonsai by Zhao Qingquan? I've had it for a couple of weeks (got mine from Stone Lantern, though Amazon has it for a bit cheaper). I've really...
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    Post Count

    Forgive me if this has been brought up before. A quick search didn't find anything similar. I think that posts made in the Bar or Tea House shouldn't count towards one's post count. I know that post count isn't always a good metric for judging the usefulness of information, but I do think...
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    Paver Base

    Has anyone used paver base as a soil ingredient? I picked some up from Home Depot (while looking for something else). It seems pretty good - solid, cheap, not much waste after sifting. heavy though. Does it break down? Anything else I should know? a picture of it sifted and rinsed is...
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    Heading to the Left Coast

    I'm visiting Santa Clarita (just north of L.A.) in a few weeks. We have a pretty loose schedule, so there's plenty of time for visits to gardens, nurseries or other places of interest. I'm not really looking to buy any trees (though you never know I guess), mostly just want to site-see. We'll...
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    River Photos

    I came across this cool photo today browsing FaceBook. That's some nice movement & ramification. Here's the description for IFLS's Facebook page. "Actually this is an aerial photo of a river flowing through a desert in Baja California, Mexico. Notice the similarity between this and actual...
  17. mat

    Tiger Bark 1 (work in progress)

    Here's a Tiger Bark Ficus that I got at Durastone last fall. I think I took that big aerial root off right after taking this picture. Please let me know if you have advice &/or opinions. I have another similar one that I'm going to try to prune into a formal upright soon. I just watered &...
  18. mat

    Couple of little Ficus

    I picked up two little Ficus on Saturday. I told myself going in that I wasn't going buy any trees, but I ended up finding (2) $15 dollar plants to bring home (& a raffled pot). My dad ended up paying for them as well, hard to pass up that. The first is a Green Island.
  19. mat

    My first Tokoname pot

    I picked this pot out right away on the raffle table at The Gathering last weekend at Durastone. I put in 2 tickets and won! Hopefully I didn't get the chop and signature upside down.
  20. mat

    The Gathering: A Tribute to James J. Smith This looks like a great day. I'll definitely be there. Saturday, April 21. $20, demos, raffles, etc.
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    A little Buttonwood

    Here's a picture of a Buttonwood on display at Heathcote. I imagine the foliage will look much better in a couple months after some consistent warm weather. Sorry for the not-so-great picture. I had my 3-year old son with me, so I just snapped off a few pictures on my phone when I had a free...
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    Dragon Tree Bonsai nursery

    I visited Dragon Tree Bonsai this morning (Palm City Florida). Wow. Many more "specimen" trees than I was expecting. Maybe not meticulously prepared for exhibition, but really impressive, big trees. Rows and rows of prebonsai plants too. Of course Robert knows his stuff, but he was also...
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    fun scrolls

    Does anyone have an idea for trees to pair with these scrolls?
  24. mat


    pretty cool flash demonstration of the size of things (i know the redwood tree image is lame)
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    Multi-trunk Serissa

    I finally got some good backyard time this morning and used it to look at, think about and take some photos of my multi-trunk Serissa. I bought it last summer and haven't done any major work yet. Just some basic pruning to maintain shape, pinching of suckers popping out of the roots, watering...
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