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  1. VAFisher

    Eastern Hemlock Progression

    I'm gettin' down to the last of my trees that don't have a progression thread. This tree comes from the mountains of Western North Carolina and was collected by Mom and my Aunt back in 2017. They grew up around Highlands and were on a trip to visit places from their youth. I had mentioned to...
  2. VAFisher

    Winged Elm Broom Progression

    I bought this tree in 2016 or 2017 from @Eric Group who was selling it on behalf of @johng. This is the 1st pic I took of it in 2017.
  3. VAFisher

    Chinese Elm Twin Trunk Progression

    I bought this one from New England Bonsai back in 2016. Here is the first pic I have from 2017.
  4. VAFisher

    Tiny the Crape Myrtle - A Progession

    I bought this little crape from a local guy last year that was getting rid of his entire collection. He helped me load it into the bed of my pickup but I about gave myself a hernia moving it onto one of my benches. That tub is about 23" around and 8 or 9" deep so this thing was heavy. I was...
  5. VAFisher

    Azalea Progression (unknown variety)

    I bought this from a local guy last year that was getting rid of his whole collection. He didn't know what type of azalea it is unfortunately. He got it from a local nursery years ago that had some huge stock. I bought a couple from the same nursery back then as well but I managed to kill...
  6. VAFisher

    Crape Myrtle Progression

    This tree was growing in my yard but wasn't doing very well in my heavy clay soil. I was putting in some new stands back in 2018 and this was in the way, so I decided to make a bonsai out of it. I chopped it and put it straight into a bonsai pot in 2018. Here is the first pic I have from 2019.
  7. VAFisher

    Crape Myrtle Shohin Progression

    I originally collected this is a volunteer seedling growing in the gravel driveway of my wife's old house in 2013 or 2014 along with the one that would eventually become my mame crape myrtle. The earliest pic I have is this one from 2015 when it was a sling shot.
  8. VAFisher

    Crape Myrtle Mame Progression

    I originally collected this is a volunteer seedling growing in the gravel driveway of my wife's old house in 2013 or 2014. The first pic I have is this one from 2015. I was trying to make a representation of the standard crape form that you see in almost everyone's yard in the South. My...
  9. VAFisher

    Chinzan Azalea Progession

    I bought this azalea at a local nursery in 2015 as a big round bush with lots of trunks. The base seemed good and I thought I could do something with it. I neglected to take any pics in 2015 but took this one in 2016 after it was cut back and potted. I initially kept 4 trunks. After it...
  10. VAFisher

    Japanese Maple Katsura Progression

    Last year I found an ad on Facebook marketplace from a guy that lives about 15 minutes from me who was getting rid of everything. He said he just didn't have time to devote to the hobby anymore. I ended up buying this maple, a huge crape myrtle and a nice big azalea from the guy. All of it...
  11. VAFisher

    Trident Maple #2 Progression

    I purchased this Trident from Julian Adams in 2016. It's about 17" tall from the rim of the pot. Here's what it looked like in 2016 when I got it home.
  12. VAFisher

    Trident Maple #1 Progression

    I bought this trident from Julian Adams in 2015, which makes it my 2nd oldest surviving tree. I liked the fat trunk but I've never been crazy about the base.
  13. VAFisher

    Japanese Maple Progression

    My wife and I took a trip to Asheville back in 2017 to check out the town and see the bonsai at the arboretum. On the way home we stopped by the Bonsai Learning Center near Charlotte and I bought this Japanese Maple. I'm not sure of the variety but assume it's just a plain, standard variety...
  14. VAFisher

    Mugo Pine Progression

    I have most of these pics scattered in the mugo train thread, but wanted to give the tree it's own thread. I bought this from New England bonsai gardens back in 2016. This angle would turn out to be the eventual front. Most of the branches were long, with no taper and a few blobs of needles...
  15. VAFisher

    Winged Elm Progression

    This tree started as a volunteer in one of my flower beds in 2016. I was weeding one day, noticed the leaves and decided to yank it and put it in some potting soil. At the time, I didn't know what type of elm it was but later determined that it was a winged. Here is the first pic I took of it...
  16. VAFisher

    Acer rubrum Progression

    I'm going to start some progression threads on individual trees instead of the broad threads I've created in the past. Those threads make it hard to go back and find individual trees and see the changes over time. So this should be better. This Acer rubrum was collected in early spring 2017...
  17. VAFisher

    Approach grafting

    Is it ok to approach graft a still green shoot such as this? Or should I wait for it to turn woody? Thanks!
  18. VAFisher

    Ficus help

    Howdy tropical nuts. Looking for a little help here as I am not a tropical guy. A few weeks ago, I helped my Mom repot a big ficus that was very rootbound and becoming difficult to water. She keeps this plant indoors in a sunroom during winter and puts it outside on the deck during the...
  19. VAFisher

    Need some quick opinions

    In the middle of repotting this forest and realized I have a slab that I'm not using. Do you like this better in the pot it came out of or on the slab? Sorry for the crap pics - I'm in a hurry.
  20. VAFisher

    Water Elm Forest Progression

    I thought I would post up a progression of my water elm forest that I started from cuttings from the tree shown below. This tree is now sadly gone (due to a stupid mistake) but at least I still have the cuttings that came from it. I rooted the cuttings in 2016 but I don't have any pics of them...
  21. VAFisher

    Roughleaf Dogwood - Cornus drummondii

    Picked this one up this year, once again, from Zach. I felt like it deserved a thread, so here goes. Here is the tree as offered. Great trunk, nice bark and a good start on a nice set of branches. The pot was a gift to Zach and wasn't for sale, so it would be shipped in a nursery pot. I...
  22. VAFisher

    Zach Smith American Hornbeam

    With the recent resurfacing of the thread about the Hornbeams in Chicago, I thought I would post an example of what Zach has available. There seemed to be an idea being put forth in that thread that there were not a lot of commercially available broadleaf trees in the USA. All it took was one...
  23. VAFisher

    Flat Top Bald Cypress

    Picked this up from Zach last year and started it on its journey to hopefully becoming a flat top. I was able to slip pot it into this cheap training pot and get the trunk standing mostly upright. I also pruned off a lot of branches up and down the trunk. Here's what it looked like late...
  24. VAFisher

    Blue Spruce

    I bought this tree from Andy Smith last year. The trunk and the bark are what drew me to the tree but it has some design challenges. I would love to get some thoughts from some of the experienced Spruce people on how they would approach this tree. Especially, the problem area in the upper right...
  25. VAFisher

    Procumbens Progression

    These pics span 4 years or so. I wish I would have kept more of the original trunk as jin but I shortened it too much at the beginning - it looked kind of obscene and I ended up cutting it all off. Live and learn I guess.
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