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  1. Rick Moquin

    For my buddy Grouper

    Just trudging along :)
  2. Rick Moquin

    Drainage layers

    I did not want to hijack Jason's thread. I think this one deserves it's own thread. Are you using a drainage layer to provide extra drainage or raising the tree in the pot?
  3. Rick Moquin

    2009 in review

    My year in review. Sorry for the link but it is probably the best way to view it. Happy New Year with many prosperous bonsais to all.
  4. Rick Moquin

    Chamaecyparis Obtusa Kosteri

    I was amazed Christmas morning to not only find Robert's second book Mission of Transformation under the tree, but a unique discovery on page 163. The rest of the story can be seen here Permission from Peter Evans has been sought for the use of his photographs.
  5. Rick Moquin

    A reference explained

    ... this indeed is the unfortunate part. Finding a good reference is hard if not next to impossible to find, often if we search for specifics it is often found outside the "bonsai world" so to speak, as in this example or this one. My reference was largely built some time ago, and albeit not...
  6. Rick Moquin

    Manhattan Bonsai Inc...

    I ordered 3 pots from these folks late August. 2 out of 3 pots arrived broken a couple of weeks later. The reason I am going public with this is because as of today nothing has come to a resolve. I informed Manhattan Bonsai that I would indeed go public with my mis-fortunes, as their customer...
  7. Rick Moquin

    Pinus Sylvestries

    This tree was acquired from the sale pile at the local nursery. It was in the sale pile because it is obvious that during it's early years once side was shaded and died back. The compactness of the tree allow little light to the interior and albeit not suitable for the landscape, suitable for...
  8. Rick Moquin

    Gnarly Cotoneaster "Coral Beauty" gets new pot

    This tree was dug up from the landscape and nearly wound up in the burn pile. I decided to keep it. Today it got a new pot. The larger pot was to develop a root base as when dug up very little rootd had developed on the leaning side, which require a rock to hold the tree up. Today the root...
  9. Rick Moquin

    Feeding regimens

    I was visiting Walter's site during morning coffee. After hours of research and extrapolation I have come to pretty much the same conclusions and have been feeding aggressively ever since. This is what Walter has to say: I wrote this mail to a friend and though this could interest many others...
  10. Rick Moquin

    K of B - new look

    I hope this is just transitional but I don't care much for the user interface and new look. Functionality leaves alot to be desired.
  11. Rick Moquin

    News flash - Hot off the presses

    I got it from a reliable source that BT is still down ;)
  12. Rick Moquin

    another Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Nana" Gracilis

    This is another Hinoki that was added to my collection a couple of days ago. It was acquired as nursery stock and received its initial styling yesterday. Not quite the tree I expected when I was viewing the raw stock, but I am happy with the results. The tree will be left pretty much...
  13. Rick Moquin

    Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Nana"

    This tree was purchased in May of '05 and potted up. I thought it looked pretty cool back then (during my humble beginning) with its laid back demeanour and called the tree "Lazy" picture 1. I was convinced that better movement was achieved in picture 2.
  14. Rick Moquin

    How to maximize your bonsai knowledge?

    Just a little something I wrote.
  15. Rick Moquin

    Now that the polls are closed

    Tom, Thanks for an enjoyable experience. Now that the polls are closed and we did all this for you (you needed inspiration/assistance) so what is your choice, and why?
  16. Rick Moquin

    Bonsai - What does it mean to you?

    This past week has been an interesting one to say the least. We have heard opinions from various corners of the world and of varying definition. This in turn was all spurred by a comment Peter Warren mentioned in an interview with A of B. An extremely heated and thought provoking debate...
  17. Rick Moquin

    What does you interior setup look like

    Spurred by the USB greenhouse yesterday, I thought I would start a thread on interior setups. To some tropicals are not bonsai, but to others it is a way to spend the winter. Our trees have special needs during this period and I was wondering what type of set up you use. The attached...
  18. Rick Moquin

    Peter Warren's Interview - A Canadian perspective

    Undoubtedly Peter''s interview (published recently) at A of B, was probably the most refreshing profile I have had the opportunity to read in some time. I offer these reflections in view of his seemingly relaxed and candid demeanour in which he expressed his views. His words spoke volumes not...
  19. Rick Moquin

    Old Mister Crow

    I'm looking for Carl's article on photography. I thought I had a link, can't seem to find it. All help appreciated.
  20. Rick Moquin

    On parenting and bonsai

    This article was written some time ago as an attempt to explain our practices and bonsai culture/cultivation, into layman's terms. Recent discussions have led me to serious reflection. As enthusiasts what are we missing, or need to acquire in order to really prosper in this fascinating hobby...
  21. Rick Moquin

    Acer Ginnala

    This tree suffered tremendously last winter, unknown reasons. I lost half the branches. So I chopped it down and here is the result. I hope you enjoy, height from the rim of the pot 3 1/8 inches, buttress 2 1/4 inches.
  22. Rick Moquin

    Chinensis ???

    Acquired this little tree from nursery stock last year. I don't know the cultivar, the foliage does ressemble a Shim, but that is not important to me. It has faired well and I post an update. In years to come the apex will be re-directed towards the right and work will be carried out on the...
  23. Rick Moquin

    Tipping point cont'd

    Well I have reached my limit and I am tired. I may not have been the one who has contributed the most, but one will never know Will they. Until I find a niche where one can grow without all the condescending bickering, or who as the last word... So long! It is indeed unfortunate that a few make...
  24. Rick Moquin

    Looking for inspiration

    This pine was growing in a patio pot and was neglected. As my neighbour knew I was into Bonsai, she asked if I wanted it (summer 2005). I do not have original pictures of the tree as acquired with the exception of saying it was a "Charlie Brown" tree, probably still is. At acquisition I just...
  25. Rick Moquin

    Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Golden Aurea"

    This tree was acquired as nursery stock, with a specific purpose in mind and that was to replace a Hinoki in my Zen garden. This tree IMO demonstrates that judicial selection of nursery material can indeed render suitable bonsai. This tree will not become a bonsai perse, but rather a...
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