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  1. grizzlywon

    Maple seedlings for sale trident, amur, hedge

    *****DUE TO THE HEAT I WILL NOT BE SHIPPING ANY MORE SEEDLINGS THIS YEAR. IF YOU ARE IN THE FRESNO AREA AND WANT TO COME BY AND BUY SOME DROP ME A MESSAGE. I have a lot of one year old Maple seedlings for sale. They range in size from 3" to over 12". LOWERED PRICES Trident Maples $1.00...
  2. grizzlywon

    I'm not so sure about this

    I have been off of this site for about 2 months. I was out of work for about 6 months looking for a job. I now have a part-time but it's better than nothing. I have also been doing NRA training and other firearms related classes and starting a photography business. To make a long story...
  3. grizzlywon

    Spammers on BNUT

    Just got this PM: Djezzerl Junior Member Join Date: Jun 2010 Location: Netherlands USDA Zone: Dje Posts: 0 I think you will like this! Hey paulchai;sonorlite;wmewme2000;grizzlywon;rlandau, I saw some of your posts, and i thought youd like this, and unlike most others, can...
  4. grizzlywon

    Collected Azalea pushing growth

    Back earlier this year when I collected a few trees, I also picked up an azalea that was in a guys yard that he didn't want. I pruned it back with a vengeance and sure enough, it is also pushing some new leaves. So today, I cut it back even more to prevent energy going into leaves I won't...
  5. grizzlywon

    Spring in your photos

    I'd like to encourage any and all of you to add any photos that have to do with spring. I'll kick it off with a simple one.
  6. grizzlywon

    mume seeds what next?

    I collected quite a few prumus mume fruit last weekend and wanted to know what to do next. One friend said to get the pulp/fruit off and then plant out right now. Any other advice? Should they be soaked first and treated with some fungicide? I also collected some Bradford pear fruit...
  7. grizzlywon

    Please help name this bug

    I was admiring my abundance of blackberry flowers today fantasizing about the bountiful crop it is going to produce this year when my fantasy was abruptly interrupted by this nasty beast procreating on one of the flowers. There were about 15 that I saw and so killed as many as I could see...
  8. grizzlywon

    Help identify this shurb

    These shrubs are all over Fresno, (Al probably knows for sure, but lets see if anyone can beat him to the punch?) and has kind of large green to red leaves and small pink flowers on them. I dug one up that I got for free and was hoping I could either reduce the leaves or that the flowers...
  9. grizzlywon

    Maple advice.

    I bought this maple at our club meeting this Sat for the great price of $12! It has a 2" trunk and stands about 25" tall. It also has a nice root flare. Now, where should I cut it? I'm thinking that it would be best as a broom. What do you guys think and where should I chop it?
  10. grizzlywon

    Seedling growth rate: Inside VS outside

    I planted out hundreds, if not thousands of seedlings this year. For fun I grabbed one (Acer Campestre), put it in my standard course mix soil and put it in a south facing window. This was kind of an experiment for my daughter who I helped plant some morning glory seeds in the same window. I...
  11. grizzlywon

    Maple Seedlings as cutting. Shohin technique, Kyosuke Gun book

    I have become a huge fan of the Kyosuke Gun books on Shohin bonsai. In both the Japanese maple and trident maple books, he demonstrates a technique for getting branching very low to the ground (I believe that is the reason, I can't read the book). Here is the technique from what I can tell...
  12. grizzlywon

    A large Collected Myrtle

    I collected this beast today and just hope it survives. It started out at a huge bush about 6ft by 8ft. Brought it home and chopped and chopped it down to about 18" tall and about 10" wide at the trunk. I'm thinking multi-trunk. It has some fine roots and it now in some fine sand. (I put...
  13. grizzlywon

    Oak Advice

    I collected this oak early last year and it has been growing pretty strong. I'm not sure what type of oak it is. Maybe a valley live? It has a strong curve in it to begin with, so I figure I am limited to about 2 fronts. I wired the few branches it has. It also had a lot of exposed...
  14. grizzlywon

    Maple leaves

    I just bought a book on landscape photography and decided to take a few shots today as the leaves of my maples are really moving. It's amazing to see the variety in colors even among the same species. One trident has bright green leaves and another (in a pot right next to it) has red leaves...
  15. grizzlywon

    Arakawa Flower

    I noticed that my Arakawa (Acer Palmatum, rough bark) had a flower on it today and snapped a few photos. I could only find two on the whole tree! Enjoy.
  16. grizzlywon

    Help Identify this tree

    This seedling came up in the middle of my Trident maple seedbed last year. I assumed it was a Trident with really cool leaves, but when it didn't drop its leaves all year I realized it was a different breed all together. The trunk is light gray like a trident but the growing greenwood is red...
  17. grizzlywon

    Maximum Upload Picture Size Suggestion

    I an curious why our uploaded pics have to be 620 or smaller when most if not all editing software has a small picture size default of 640/480. It would make our lives a lot easier and shouldn't take up a whole lot more space on the server to change it to this. Just my two cents and I...
  18. grizzlywon

    Maple Root Raft Experiment

    I planted this acer palmatum out in the front yard a few years ago. Last year when I pulled it up, I noticed that one of the roots had grown over a rock and had an interesting raft look to it. I then got the idea to thread graft a couple seedling through it this spring. Last summer also I...
  19. grizzlywon

    Trident air layer. My method.

    Here is a trident I picked up at Lone Pine for $3. It has a major problem as you can see. There was a huge root cut off, and it was a mess. But I bought it because it was so cheap and had almost a 1" trunk, with the plan to air layer it to make it into a little shohin. Here is how I did it...
  20. grizzlywon

    How do you treat oak seedlings?

    I planted out some cork oak seedlings last year and many came up. They are now about 1foot tall. I wanted to get them out of the shallow flat I had them in and into separate containers. Here is my question. How hard should I prune these guys? Here is what most of them look like. Sorry I...
  21. grizzlywon

    Maple Seedlings For Sale

    For sale. Some one year old bare root seedlings. They range in size from a few inches tall (4" amur) to about 12"+, others and any were in between. I will ship the tallest ones I have as the orders come in. What I have now. $1.00 Japanese Green, and amur's. $1.50 for tridents, and...
  22. grizzlywon

    Water off the roof?

    I have heard that some of you collect rain water off your roofs and use it to water trees. But then I was recently at Al's house and he mentioned that one of his trees had died because it was getting water directly off the roof of his house and it picked up a disease (please correct me if I...
  23. grizzlywon

    Letting bark grow over wire to thicken the trunk? In this new Lindsay Farr video (that is quite well done as usual), they talk about pines being wrapped in wire and letting the bark grow over the wire. What is the consensus on this? I have read about scaring the trunk with a razor blade as well. Seems like a...
  24. grizzlywon

    Some collected Oaks

    I got permission to collect some Oaks at a friends property last weekend and wanted to get your takes on them. The first two have nice bark, but not a lot of taper and almost no roots. I'm guessing it would be best to cut them back hard. I think the first roots must have been about 3' down...
  25. grizzlywon

    Not sure if this Elm is worth the time

    I collected this last year and it has been in sand for the last year. It put out a ton of leaves so I think it has almost no roots as you can see in the first pic, but not sure if I should wait another year or not to lift it. I'm pretty sure it needs to be tossed/sold or carved up a lot...
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