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  1. Hartinez

    End of season update on some spring collections - Piñon Pine

    Ended up having to remove all of the wire I put on this piñon a few weeks ago. Already biting! An awfully healthy tree at the moment. Excited to get a look at the roots in spring.
  2. Hartinez

    Weekend at Bjorn’s

    I like it. I think it just needs proper time to develop pads. And all we have is time!
  3. Hartinez

    Cho Bonsai moving...

  4. Hartinez

    Shimpaku From Evergreen Gardenworks

    I have no doubts Greg! Can’t wait to see you develop.
  5. Hartinez

    Shimpaku From Evergreen Gardenworks

    Replying to my own comment. 😂 I looked back at the original styling and I personally liked the initial heavy Jin and ten Jin!
  6. Hartinez

    Shimpaku From Evergreen Gardenworks

    Oh shit. Didn’t even see that pic. I’ve ordered from Brent a few times but those junipers for $150?!? That’s crazy! I do feel like I’ve gotten a few wonderful elms from him for an excellent price.
  7. Hartinez

    Shimpaku From Evergreen Gardenworks

    Nice one Greg! I see the Shari, but do you have some jins in mind? I feel like once it really fills in it’ll lose its presence and almost look too healthy. If that makes sense.
  8. Hartinez

    The 2022 Yamadori/Collecting Thread

    Collected 2 more one seed juniper this fall and I’m feeling quite confident about them all. Great root ball and undisturbed, mostly, and a seemingly great root system. Potted in 100% pumice within an hour of collection. Full shade. The fall monsoons have me feeling really good about these...
  9. Hartinez

    The Accent (Companion) Plant Thread

    Got a single bloom on this one. And the blue grama seeds always look very cool.
  10. Hartinez

    Why are Japanese trees/artists consistently cited as best in the world?

    Something I’ve heard of happening with older pots and stands from Japan and I think is also happening with older trees, is the importation of high end specimen into China. Again only hear say, but it’s my understanding that the market for bonsai in Japan while still very Robust, is not what it...
  11. Hartinez

    Lions and tigers and bears...

    I’m collecting with @Colorado here in northern NM in a few weeks. I got word from another member that quite a few hunters were present in the area we are going. Gonna need to suit up in full orange Cheeto garb to keep from my deadwood getting mistaken for elk antlers!
  12. Hartinez

    Cascade? Not so much?

    If I still have it by then! I’m out fo space and I’ve got much better material coming in!
  13. Hartinez

    Scenes from Lost Valley

  14. Hartinez

    Another Mirai Tree Sale in a few days

    Crazy to see the scale of this tree! It’s so easy to lose sight of that without perspective. Just a gorgeous tree.
  15. Hartinez

    If you were going to pay $400 for one of these trees, which would you pick?

    @PaulH has the best suggestion yet. Sure to be wonderful material to choose from at either event, and all in your area.
  16. Hartinez

    Cascade? Not so much?

    Thanks Rud. It really is the foliage that is a bit maddening. Actually. Not a bit, fully maddening.
  17. Hartinez

    Cascade? Not so much?

    This tree blew off the bench. AGAIN. Back in may, and the pot broke when it did. I stuck it in a pot and just left it alone. I kind of hate this tree, but can’t seem to get rid of it or kill it. I’m pretty sure I’m trying to style, wire and trim this tree into oblivion. It’s def on the...
  18. Hartinez

    Collected Sagebrush (Artemisia Tridentata)

    Thank you!! I follow several Aussie bonsai artists on Instagram and I love seeing there differing species used and how similar they are to our high desert trees!
  19. Hartinez

    Collected Sagebrush (Artemisia Tridentata)

    I have no idea if they can live long term in containers but I dont see why not. not sure the lifespan. Considering that, as you are not sure, and that im not sure, how they do in containers, I def do not think it is too ‘easy’ as to what these have to offer. Based on your first two questions...
  20. Hartinez

    Critique this blue atlas im considering purchasing

    @Shibui is an Aussie and has insight better than I do in the market down under. He’s got great trees also so I’m sure he could give sound thoughts.
  21. Hartinez

    Critique this blue atlas im considering purchasing

    I think it’s great looking tree. I can’t say I’d personally pay close to that much for it, but im not the person to ask about pricing. I’ve yet to pay anything terribly expensive at all. But the tree itself seems healthy and can only improve with time. The branch angles off of the trunk need...
  22. Hartinez

    If you were going to pay $400 for one of these trees, which would you pick?

    I don’t like either for 400. I’m assuming these are from a local nursery so nothing would need to be shipped? If I had to choose though, The juniper would be more versatile and forgiving. A better long term project.
  23. Hartinez

    The Tree Thread

    So now you owe us two pics of crappy pre bonsai…. 🕰
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