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    Collected Hawthorn History

    Brian, I have a question...not a criticism. The tree seems to be planted more to the left of center than one usually sees. Is there a particular reason? andy
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    My Bougainvillae

    20 - 25 degrees sounds awfully optimistic for any bougy. The large wood may be ok, especially in the ground, but I'd protect it if there's a chance of a freeze(or even frost). Andy
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    I'd love to see photos of those taken "head on". Incredible trees! andy
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    Advice needed for unhealthy Schefflera (pics)

    That's not from too much sun or heat. It looks like either you let it dry out too long or kept it too wet and the roots rotted and can no longer function. I'd repot it immediately. It may seem risky, but the odds are that it is going to die without drastic intervention. This one sits outside in...
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    Pale new leaves on willow leaf ficus salicaria

    This is the color of healthy new leaves on a F. "Golden Gate". They are much lighter green than established leaves.
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    Automatic timer settings. Help please

    It's not how much water you put on at a time. As Judy said.."wet is wet". More important is the frequency, and allowing adequate time between waterings for the soil to partially dry out.
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    Soulution for Styling Apex

    Al, Could you explain that in a little more detail? Which way does the curve go? thanks, Andy
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    John Naka's Bonsai Techniques 1. FREE

    "yeah...transcended bickering. i laughed so hard" too
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    A Few Vintage Mud Men for Sale

    What are the markings(if any) on the bottoms?
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    John Naka's Bonsai Techniques 1. FREE

    As long as there is competitive pricing, it's not gouging. And, many people who sell things make money off of others work. There's nothing wrong with that. Unless you're completely self sufficient and assuming you have a make money off of other people's work. Or, at the very least...
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    The Tree Thread

    Fine looking maple. I see the Sharp's pygmies every time I go to Brussel's and drool. I wish they would do well down here. Andy
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    John Naka's Bonsai Techniques 1. FREE

    " much of the info is out dated. " It's heresy to say that, even if true. They're more like collectors items now. It's like owning part of USA bonsai history. Until this morning, I hadn't looked at mine for years.
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    John Naka's Bonsai Techniques 1. FREE

    What do you consider a reasonable price?
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    John Naka's Bonsai Techniques 1. FREE

    I'd comment on this, but I'd sound like a crotchety old man who believes that mass file sharing without the artists'/creators' permission and copyright infringements are pretty much the same as stealing. Oh wait....I am a crotchety old man. Somehow, the internet(and our "I deserve this even...
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    The Tree Thread

    Already posted in "tropicals" but I like the idea of this thread.
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    Ficus Salicaria From Dragon Tree

    Kaya, Welcome to the world of internet bonsai.:) Andy
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    Ficus Salicaria From Dragon Tree

    Me too. KM is correct though. You want to chose your front based on the trunk and nebari. After that you can chose the branch to leave as the leader in order to give movement and taper like Neli mentioned.
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    Just kind of cool.

    I doesn't surprise me that Joey would have collected one(or at least tried) That is very cool. I've never even tried one.(mesquite) Andy
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    Not Watering Ficus Salicaria After Doing Heavy Root Work

    Some do and some don't.:D
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    Not Watering Ficus Salicaria After Doing Heavy Root Work

    It has everything to do with the cut ends staying too wet. If you place the tree in a shallow pot, there is space at the bottom that holds more water. You don't want the cut ends sitting there. If you use a very heavy(as in moisture retentive) soil, you will want to water less. The cut roots are...
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    Not Watering Ficus Salicaria After Doing Heavy Root Work

    I water immediately. And continue watering as I would any other tree. If the soil is drying, I water. If the cuts are facing downward and the cut areas are not sitting in the water that accumulates at the bottom of the pot, you shouldn't have to worry about rot. You can tilt the pot to eliminate...
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    Update on the straight trunk bunjin

    Looks great either way, but, just my opinion for what it's worth...I liked the original front the best. The apex moving to the right counterbalanced the lower branch to the left. It was dynamic while still balanced. As it is now, the tree appears "settled". Perhaps "settled", for want of a...
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    Banyan style Ficus "Golden Gate"

    At this stage, there's not much maintenance. I keep it watered, fertilized and protected if we have freezing weather. Once or twice a year I trim it up. It takes about an hour to trim it and a little longer to prune any twig die-back. toatal defoliation takes a lot longer. 2012 2013
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    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    Don't defoliate. Listen to Ryan.
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    Pale new leaves on willow leaf ficus salicaria

    If they are indeed brand new isn't unusual for them to be a lighter green than older leaves. They(new growth) are also sometimes bronze colored.
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