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  1. cbobgo

    Anyone ever found a seller of decent indoor bonsai?

    I know that "indoor bonsai" is pretty much an oxymoron, but it seems like with the number of people interested in having a bonsai indoors that somewhere there would be someone selling ficus that actually look like trees, as opposed to the twisted up mallsai hawked by companies like bonsaiboy and...
  2. cbobgo

    optical illusion

    Someone posted a link to Lang bonsai on another thread. As I was browsing through the pics there I came across this one: And the first thing that popped into my head was "Man that's the smallest pair of concave cutters I've ever seen." - bob
  3. cbobgo

    turning a bonsai hobby into a business

    I never plan to make a living out of bonsai, I may not even break even. But I buy bonsai stuff and I occasionally sell bonsai stuff, so I thought it would make sense from a tax perspective to start a little business. That way I can right off my expenses on my taxes. My main question is that...
  4. cbobgo

    Looking for collected Junipers

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone in California has any medium to large sized collected junipers to sell? - bob
  5. cbobgo

    USA "National Show"

    There was some talk in another thread about various groups that are working on putting together a national show for the USA. THis is the first I'd heard of it. Anyone have more information about this, or anyone interested in discussing the ins and outs of how to make that happen? It's...
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