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    One seed junipers

    Well tell everyone HI for me. I'm in El Paso.
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    One seed junipers

    Aaron , If you come up with any extra one seeds let me know. BTW , do you belong to the Albuquerque club ? I belonged for a while but the commute finally got to me ( and my wallet )
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    One seed junipers

    Aaron , you'regonna need dynamite or a front end loader for that one. I've been trying to collect from a friends ranch in the Organ Mts just east of Las Cruces. Like you he has one-seed and alligator. I've tried everything that I can find and that I've been told and still nothing. I've got a...
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    One seed junipers

    Nothing good. They all dies. I think I'm cursed. I'v dug a dozen or so since these and they all look at me and croak.
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    Yamadori junipers

    Still looking for sierra , one seed and alligator junipers.
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    Rocky Mountain Juniper

    I kinda like that for a front. I can see the foliage getting much better after a few years and you'll be happier with iy. Too bad these damn things keep juvinal foliage so long.
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    Newly collected juniper

    Alligator juniper
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    Rmj, how much tree to use?

    I liked the idea of a cascade as well until I considered Vances comments. In a non cascade design that long branch is bothersom. I'd shorten it even more than you indicated in photo 2. Another option is to ignore it until fall then send it to me.
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    Carved my raffle won Live Oak

    pictures ??????
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    Developing compact "scale" foliage

    Just a thought on procumbens....look at the cover of the latest Bonsai Focus
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    Rocky Mountain Juniper in Southern California

    I'm the nut from El Paso. My RMJ went into shock and revertyed to juvinial foilage the first summer I had it. Seems that 40 + days of 100+ temps was just too much. It's still alive and growing. This summer it finally showed signs of adult foilage so I'm hoping that over the next couple of years...
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    Yum yumadori!

    Seema like a lot of junipers which is as it should be ! The yamadori are probably Ash junnipers as they grow around Dallas. Sure would like to get my paws on some of those !!!! Thanks Jeremy
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    A Sierra juniper to dream about.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................dynamite ???????????????????????
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    A Pine seldom seen.

    I go to Albuquerque every so often for workshops and these folks seem to know a lot about pinons. They grow all around them. The range maps show they also grow down here close to Las Cruces but I havn't found any where I collect. I did have one that I got off e-bay and it did great until I left...
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    Randy Knight Trees

    So drop him an e mail and complain about his web site. If enough people would do this maybe some of the nurseries would start showing us what they actually have. I know it would help me out here in nowhere with the closest nursery 700 mi away.
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    Randy Knight Trees

    Make sure you put in the "www," It's still there but as Judy said it isn't much. Randy never was much for web sites but I think he's still working on this one.
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    Pen Drawing Juniper

    Vance you see an armadillo , I see a tortoise that bread with an octipus. I do love it though.
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    Yamadori junipers

    Is this another attempt to get me to Seattle ? Ypou know I'll melt.
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    Yamadori junipers

    Art I was gonna go to the commercial collecrirs if noithing comes of this but I thought I'd try some of us ametures first Dwight
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    Bonsai Tree Collection (project trees)

    What are they ?
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    Yamadori junipers

    Looking for Utah , Sierra or Western junipers. Price up to $1000
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    Picture ...see nothing really there yet
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    OK , now I'm even more confused. I see the reasoning behind planting it in the ground , IO just don't have the space. The trunk is " OK " now as I'm not looking for a large tree. I really want to know if it's OK to leave it in the soil it's in till next fall or spring. Pictures ......well I...
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    Guys , I need some help. I know nothing about D-trees so I just bought a small crabapple at Lowes. ( smart !!!! ) I then borrowed a pr. of sheers and cut it in half so I have about a 30" trunk left. I did leave a few branches with leaves on them. So far I think I'm OK. The question now is do I...
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    Mas Ishii

    03-05-2013 My Uncle is Mas Ishii of the CHIKUGO-EN Nursery in Gardena California: He has past away today. He is survived by my Aunt Rei, Son Gary , Daughter Arlene, Son in-law Tom, Grand Daughter Emily and Great Grand Daughter Joslyn. We will all miss him greatly. He will always be...
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