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  1. barrosinc

    Why Defoliate Ficus?

    I was thinking maybe the set back for a year in ramification might be an investment for the future...
  2. barrosinc

    Why Defoliate Ficus?

    does defoliating help on trunk fattening? I don't mean during a first year but lets say I have 5 years ahead of trunk development. Would this be beneficial to do it in the first couple of years?
  3. barrosinc

    THE Zelkova

  4. barrosinc


  5. barrosinc

    Masakuni 5 set tool set

    another +1 on the recommendation of kaneshin.
  6. barrosinc

    Fagus sylvatica progression

    This one is doing great!
  7. barrosinc

    Starting Atlas Cedar Development

    sometimes cedars can be bent a bit.
  8. barrosinc

    Starting Atlas Cedar Development

    Sometimes thicker cedars can be bent
  9. barrosinc

    Princess Persimmon

    Pixie dust! Awesome
  10. barrosinc

    Small oak

    Put it in a pot
  11. barrosinc

    The Tree Thread

    Nice tree! Looks good with the pot. Tridents go very red in autumn so I think this will be great. An olive tree I have been chasing back for 7 years:
  12. barrosinc

    Is this a Crabapple???

    I think it might be crataegus of some sort as you mention. Maybe cockspur or black hawthorne?
  13. barrosinc

    So I go this olive tree...

    So first real styling steps: (Crappy pot made by me)
  14. barrosinc

    Two Mics & a Turntable

    has anyone added a brake to the first plastic ones?
  15. barrosinc

    Tree never leafed out

    fingers crossed for it! Its a nice tree
  16. barrosinc

    Satsuki Azalea ‘Kinsai’

    this azalea always rocks. Good work, Brian!
  17. barrosinc

    They're coming! Are you ready?

    these cicadas are amazing! I didn't know about these things. Do they work like clockwork? 17 years underground and all emerge in the same year?? Seems like the biblical plague!
  18. barrosinc

    Is this a Deshojo?

    It looks like it
  19. barrosinc

    They're coming! Are you ready?

    what kind of bird is that? o_O
  20. barrosinc

    Kurume Azalea

    I thought it was half its size! Even more impressive.
  21. barrosinc

    Jin liquid substitute ?

    You can make it. Tons of tutorials online... It reeks like hell... not like Surströmming but still your house will have a terrible smell while cooking it
  22. barrosinc

    European beech

    Quite a bit of growth this
  23. barrosinc

    seedling cuttings method for cedrus, picea and larix??

    I found a live tree so didn't sow seeds. I believe it is atlas but might not be but I don't really care too much it has short needles an that's all I need.
  24. barrosinc

    Hack's azaleas

    You've gotta start cutting back hard. Like leaving 1 or 2cm branches.
  25. barrosinc

    seedling cuttings method for cedrus, picea and larix??

    Piceas didn't sprout. Larix neither but I found one but it didn't do well in my climate
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