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  1. DesertBonsai

    Did I make best use or just another cookie cutter?

    Wow! I really like how you explained all this out...very helpful and very informative. Would this work for all trees? I have this Chinese elm...I was wondering how well it would work for it. I have some humic acid how much should I use? :D
  2. DesertBonsai

    Juniper styling

    Nice I think this tree has a lot of potential. Maybe some deadwood would look nice too.:D
  3. DesertBonsai

    strange growths on my trees (help) that was really funny. You so got me! I enjoyed that! Hope you had a Great Easter my friend.:D
  4. DesertBonsai

    Slant Juniper

    I really like the style of this one...really looks nice!:o
  5. DesertBonsai

    yamadori larch

    Wow looks nice! Your from Syracuse eh? Go orangeman! I'm from in Sierra Vista Az. Great tree good luck.:D
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