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    Some cold stratification help

    Hello BNuts, This is my first winter as a Bonsai Nut and I have started several different types of trees from seeds (yes, I am crazy, I'm hooked) and everything seems to be going ok. To my surprise I have some seeds that are starting to sprout already. The Japanese and Tatarian Maple seeds...
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    O where, o where are the Fukien Tea Seeds?

    Does anyone know where to buy Fukien Tea seeds? I have looked (I think) everywhere. seedrack, misho, seedsandmore, hirt's, f.w. schumacher If I have missed some place please let me know. John
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    Growing seeds under lights

    Hi All Has anyone started any maples or any other seeds under fluorescent lights? I live in Canton, OH and I was wondering if I could get a head start on some seeds this winter in my basement under my lights I use for my tropical plants. Any info would help. Thanks John
  4. J

    Growing in Fluorecent Light

    WOW!! Thanks for the pics. That was quick!! Are there anymore great setups out there?
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    Growing in Fluorecent Light

    Thanks to you both for you knowledge. Is it possible to get photos of your set up. A picture to me is worth a thousand words.
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    Growing in Fluorecent Light

    Hello All!! I have recently read the article by Jack Wikle "How I ’ve been Growing Bonsai Indoors under Cool White Fluorescent Light" and it was very good. My questions to the anyone that has done this: 1. Are regular 40 watt cool white fluorescent lights ok or should "grow lights"...
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    Sunburned jade

    Thanks Gnome. I feel a whole lot better:) John
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    Sunburned jade

    Hello all!! I had by Jade in the sun and it got sunburned. Not to bad just a several leaves on the top. What will happen to the leaves? Will the come back or fall off? It is in a 8in. pot from Wal-Mart and I was going to seperate them into training pots. can I still do that or are they...
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    Help with new Ficus and Scheff ideas

    Hello Community!! I have just seperated two 4 in. pots of Ficus Bens. and Scheffleras. I have a total of 5/6 6 in. pots of both plants which are 8-10 in. tall and pencil thin trunks. My question is what type of designs can I plan for them as they mature in a year or two? I would appreciate...
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    Ficus, Schefflera. What to do?

    Hello all!! I am 3 months into this addiction called bonsai and I need some experienced advice on a couple plants that I purchased. The first is a pint size pot of Ficus Ben. There are about 5-6 individual plants in this pot at about 8-10 in. high. My question is do I divide them out now or...
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