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    Kennett Collection Reduction sale

    I agree with you Chuchin, my guess is that was the biggest factor at the end. My overall point was that there were still a few medium-range priced decent trees available to those in the later groups. Although the selection was severely limited - both by price and species. I was extremely lucky...
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    Kennett Collection Reduction sale

    The first pic is the one I purchased. The gap on the left hand side is much more apparent in the pictures for some reason. I don't notice it as much in person. The nebari could be better, but it doesn't bother me. Pot by Sara Raynor (I think). The next two pictures are ones that were still...
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    Kennett Collection Reduction sale

    Just want to add my $0.02 story. I went with my Dad, who is not really into bonsai and was only interested in the $125 azaleas, but was an extra chance to get into an early group for me to get my choices. We ended up drawing the 11th and 12th groups respectively and spent a lot of time in the...
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    international bonsai

    Here it is.
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    international bonsai

    I have ordered seedlings and starters for years from Bill and have been very happy so I decided to give a more expensive pre-bonsai a try. I ordered a pine this year and have to admit I was slightly disappointed. The description was for a 10-14 inch plant, but the pine I received was over 26...
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    Generational Learning

    I'll add my $0.02 in hopes others may find it helpful. I have been pretty much doing bonsai on my own for about 10 years, reading a ton of magazines, the internet, and lurking on forums etc. I've taken a couple classes with Chase over the years and joined a club. In my opinion, I suck. I...
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    Kokufu books

    Thank you all. It's a tough decision with the price - $150 would get some pretty nice starter material....;)
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    Kokufu books

    Hey all, I see a lot of comments and sometimes pictures from Kokufu books. Obviously, the pictures they contain are incredible and they seem very useful to study the trees, stands, composition, etc. My question is for those that own them, where did you get them? I have never seen one for...
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    Rosade Studio in New Hope, PA

    I've taken multiple classes with Chase and they have all been great. He is a great teacher and you feel very comfortable. To give you an idea here is a little story that I think describes him well: We were in the middle of an azalea class and a younger customer came in with his mother and a...
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    Did anyone do any trident cuttings this year?

    I did the same as you SMoke after your backyard post showing the cuttings. Put them in turface fines of the same size. Maybe started 20 but only 2 have survived. Most of the rest rotted. Maaybe the turface holds more water, or more likely my watering is the culprit. But thanks for the extra info...
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    Fertilizer for Bonsai?

    Is there any reason why I never see the Espoma products mentioned in threads on ferts? I like the plant-tone and tree-tone products because they are formulated with much of the same things people use for cakes (except cottonseed meal) and supposedly also contain humates and bacteria, which I...
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    Kifu Trident

    Al, Great thread! How did the roots turn out? Did the window with cut paste work or did it callous over? Chris
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    Acer Palmatum repotted with root graft

    Awesome tree!
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    Acer Palmatum 'Katsura'

    Thanks guys. The rounded crown was not by design but sheer luck due to my indecision about the apex. I guess I will leave it as it is for now :D. Chris
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    Slingshot Wisteria

    Hi, This is a wisteria that my parents dug for me from their property last year. It reminds me of a slingshot with the two trunks from the same spot. I don't like that they are so similar and would like to get some advice before I repot. Should I leave both trunks? My thoughts are to...
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    Acer Palmatum 'Katsura'

    Hello all, I've been lurking for quite a while and finally got organized enough to post pictures of a couple trees. Here is a Katsura JM that I purchased at MABS years ago. It had been neglected for years but is finally starting to look good. Now I think I need to start the refinement process...
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    "Mountain Slope Potting"?

    You could also possibly use one of those 'C' shaped bowl pots with one side much higher than the other to slope the soil. See some of the virtuals at the bottom of this post: Chris
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    First long term project

    Thanks Harunobu, that is helpful! Just curious why are they grown into a whip first rather than starting with many low branches and then chopping and growing a branch up as a new leader like for other deciduous trees? I'm glad I asked because the latter is how I would have done it. It is because...
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    First long term project

    Harunobu, Your post above described it pretty well, but do you have any links for more info on growing out azaleas? I would love to start a similar project and already have a bunch of cutting ready. Thanks, Chris
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    Pines from seed

    Here's a helpful link for when these pines get larger: About halfway down is an awesome post by Brent Walston that has a TON of info on how to grow out JBPs. I look forward to seeing the progress of these pines, as I have limited myself...
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    Any lime sulfur updates or alternatives.

    Looking for some clarification - is there a difference between the lime sulfur sold as "orchard spray" and that sold for bonsai purposes? I thought there was. The orchard spray has always been available ata our local farm bureau. Just wondering if it is the same stuff - in case it does get...
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    No Posts From Japan

    I suppose this may be one reason why the japanese also don't usually do demonstrations? If it truly is like the above quote and was like that here, I don't think I would be interested in bonsai. I enjoy caring for my trees and watching them grow and even just seeing them daily. There's much more...
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    north star bonsai?

    Yes I do. I brought the lava there Tuesday. Chris
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    north star bonsai?

    I just picked up some lava rock from Partac Peat Corp/Beam Clay in Great Meadows NJ. I haven't used it yet, but it looks perfect - mostly 1/4" pieces and dark red. Probabkly won't even need to be screened, just washed as there is a lot of dust on the particles. I'm also looking for a source...
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    Beech seed collecting

    Thanks Mike, when do you take cuttings from Beech? Do you by any chance have a reference for the conditions needed? I would love to take cuttings rather than or in addition to seed, but I always considered beech nearly impossible to propagate by cuttings, but I don't know where I got this...
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