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    Indoor greenhouse ideas?

    My tropicals winter well in normally our sun-free fall-spring climate in a garden window, where natural light comes in from the top and 3 sides, and faces the south. I think it was about $400 and took me half a day to install several years ago. For humidity I have a running water fountain on the...
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    Cascade stand I've been contemplating

    Ah, another woodworker. Keep in mind that if you make it too nice, it will take attention away from the tree. It's a great design, but I'd simplify it. I love doing veneer inlay work and have to force myself to avoid using it for bonsai stands.
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    The Book Has Arrived!!!

    Stunning is a good word for it. I showed my copy to an accountant friend today who has only a slight interest in bonsai and she asked me to e-mail her a link to the site where she could order one.
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    The Book Has Arrived!!!

    Hopefully their hands held out for the rest of the signing. They were making good progress when I was there this afternoon. I am enjoying my copy. Great to see you again, Will! Joe
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    The Book Has Arrived!!!

    Congratulations on reaching the end of a long, hard road Will. I can't wait to see you, Dan and Vic tomorrow and get my copy! Enjoy this first weekend as an author, you surely deserve it.
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    San Fran Bonsai

    Take a short drive down the coast to Half Moon Bay, and stop at Half Moon Bay Nursery on Highway 92. Great, inexpensive stock. We stopped by there on vacation and had little room for ourselves with all the plants back coming back through Oregon.
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    New wiring technique

    I laughed out loud when I read this: "The plant is wired and may fall off during shipping." Could someone be doing a joke to demonstrate how gullible e-bay buyers are? I hope so.
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    Collecting on Canada's West Coast

    That has to be one of the best places in the west to collect, love that shore pine.
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    Mt Hemlock - how long to keep in the shade?

    What sun?:o Here the rain is back. They should be fine 8-noon anyway.
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    Ants herding Aphids. Quite interesting.

    Try diatomaceous earth, just sprinkle around the pot, their exoskeleton gets cut by the sharp edges.
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    Hard water in SoCal?

    San Francisco and much of the east bay water comes from nearby Western Sierra mountain snow melt, and is among the purest in the country. In your new home about half the water comes from eastern sierra snowmelt but then travels 40-50 miles south in an open canal, the rest is from local...
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    Fiber Optic Grass

    It's a marginal, so can survive with constantly wet feet. I have used it several times on the waterfall area of my fish pond. Cool little plant. I did keep it one year in my bonsai winter enclosure with my less hardy trees, but the problem I had was forgetting to water it often enough. Since it...
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    I haven't seen much of that in the NW, but had experience with it in CA when we lived there. It's actually parasitic, and sends roots into the bark to rob the tree of the nutrients and moisture, eventually can kill it. Simply cutting it off may not do much, so I'd definitely remove the bark or...
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    Lime-sulfer ban

    i doubt it. I remember when we lived there, I built a new deck, and the next year when I went to get preservative for the wood they had banned my favorite kind.
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    Lime-sulfer ban

    "Toxicity to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity." quote from the Pesticide Action Network North America
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    advice on apple seedlings

    You are trying to root them? Yes, those are flower buds and you should remove them but do not remove any leaves that pop out. The flowering tells the tree that it has reproduced and therefore it will not try as hard to make roots to survive.
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    Water off the roof?

    I would not take chances with my bonsai, because the root zone is so compact and the soil so free-flowing that anything harmful will get right to it. Save and use it in the garden where you have fine soil to filter it and the roots are a lot more spread out. Besides acid rain, there are various...
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    Alder Tree Yardadori

    I am working on an Alder too. Not commonly used as bonsai but we get plenty of volunteers around the yard so I decided to try one. So far I have found that they take well to deadwood carving, and will back bud after a chop. Because they grow like weeds, I have been using clip & grow to develop...
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    Acer breaking dormancy

    This is why deciduous trees should not be brought indoors, even for a few days. My acers have survived 10F, but if it's really too cold for them you might try to build/store a small enclosure for the patio or balcony. The warm temperatures and more light triggers the buds. If it stays indoors...
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    Field Grown Japanese Maple Progress

    Thanks, maybe tomorrow I'll get the grinder out. Yes, a few days of sun and 40s and the poor thing got confused. You can see them here:
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    Field Grown Japanese Maple Progress

    Wow, that's really funny timing. First, that's a big improvement on that tree, it's showing a lot of promise now! You showed me baby bending last year and I tried it on a J.M., as you may recall. Today I saw buds starting to show so I did this year's growth. You were right, every year...
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    Go to bonsaisite!

    Thanks, Nut, I have passed on your comments to Dan, but after running through most of the site cannot find any problems. The forum looks clean, it has 22 recent new posts from 18 people this morning with no problems.
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    Even a tiny little show display is a LOT of work!

    I don't have much time these days with work and business and my cyber duties, but I saw your post and had to respond. After the holidays I'll be going up to my Mom's for some pruning and tree planting and will plan on stopping by or meeting you some place.
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    Even a tiny little show display is a LOT of work!

    I think the fact that mallsai are being sold at home centers and discount stores is evidence that bonsai, that is having them around, appeals to a lot of people. We all know how friends, relatives and even strangers are often impressed with trees that people wouldn't show here or on other...
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    How to acclimate trees to my State

    Yes, they shouldn't be indoors. Zone 8 to 7 is not that different, and Maples actually should prefer the cooler winter.
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