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  1. Ed_Merc

    Bonsai Thief CAUGHT!!!
  2. Ed_Merc

    Unsatisfied with my club

    No, the club is weak. Sorry. My club just had it's yearly picnic. At our auction we had about 7 or 8 trees that would be considered great bonsai/pre-bonsai material, about 4 that where fantastic including a japanese black pine styled by Rob Kempinski and a huge bougainvillia. The small...
  3. Ed_Merc

    Where Oh Where has our BT Gone

    Oh, I see. You know what? You can have your playground. I know where adults hang out.
  4. Ed_Merc

    Where Oh Where has our BT Gone

    You know, I just found this site and was looking forward to a good, responsive group of fellow enthusiasts who, like me, want to share knowledge and create some camaraderie. What I have been seeing though has been disheartening. Honestly, where does all this crap come from? I don't want to...
  5. Ed_Merc

    Poultry Grit w/ Calcium

    Is granite a "cut corner". I'm not sure what to make of your comment.
  6. Ed_Merc

    Poultry Grit w/ Calcium

    Ah, yes. I seem to remember reading that any type of shell should be avoided because the calcium would detrimentally change the PH level. I guess I should avoid it. Thanks
  7. Ed_Merc

    Poultry Grit w/ Calcium

    I'm considering switching to poultry grit as my potting medium. I can get it here at a ratio of 90% granite and 10% calcium. Will this much calcium cause a problem? Thanks, Ed
  8. Ed_Merc


    Hello, New here. I've been busy with my trees, but not as busy as I'd like. So far I've re-potted about a dozen trees and planted one in the ground to grow out. There are still a couple more that could use some leg room.
  9. Ed_Merc

    chinese elm seeds

    I have a full size Ulmus Parvifolia in my yard. It's a great tree and every year this thing drops so many seeds that by spring I have to pull the seedlings like weeds. They actually are quite a nuisance, but I have to admit that every year I collect a few of these seedlings. I don't know if...
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