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  1. butlern

    Bald cypress from cuttings

    If this is so easy, then maybe you would be willing to carefully dig up one of those cuttings to see the root development? I took cuttings from my tree in July, put them into soaked pot, only a few fronds dropped and new growth started to emerge about 3 weeks later... but then stalled. Growth...
  2. butlern

    Small greenhouse build

    Only one thing to do.... run the experiment! I am sincerely interested because I am pondering constructing something similar, but have not pressed forward because I have not been able to find enough information about potential pitfalls... and solutions.
  3. butlern

    Small greenhouse build

    I'll keep following... with sincere interest. I always assumed that such structures (that lacked the ability to maintain 35-40F at night) would just amplify temperature swings The worst case scenario). Sun goes down... temperature plummets inside; sun comes up, windows rapidly substantially...
  4. butlern

    Small greenhouse build

    Interesting. Always wanted a greenhouse to overwinter my trees. How will you heat it?
  5. butlern

    Evergreen Gardenworks

    Latest on the River Fire near Brent: #RiverFire #MendocinoComplex [update] off Old River Road, near Mile Marker Post 7.9, Hopland (Mendocino County) is now 28,869 acres and 12% contained. Evacuations and road closures in place:
  6. butlern

    Evergreen Gardenworks

    Yeah, it's very close and expanded significantly since I checked on this 3 days ago.
  7. butlern

    Browned tips on Procumbens Juniper Nana

    Worse might be heat from concrete patio... get it up on a wood bench so air can circulate and it's not sitting directly on a "pizza baking stone."
  8. butlern

    Juniper #4

    Appreciate the compliment. And Iowa mites have talons on the ends of their legs. Really I was just trying to make it clear that the tree did not arrive with mites when I got it from Don, who lives in Michigan.
  9. butlern

    Juniper #4

    Picked this up Skimpaku from Don Blackmond in early March (thanks, Don!). Spent time cleaning up deadwood, peeling off flaking bark, getting rid of mites (Iowa mites, not Michigan mites), and getting some wire applied. Worked with Todd Schlafer last weekend, too. He taught me so much, and he's...
  10. butlern

    Bald cypress with pale yellow foliage

    root aphids
  11. butlern

    Leaf problems on Hawthorn, need help!

    Did these trees make it through? Do you still have the crepe myrtles that Johnathan gave you? (I gave them to him, he said he gave them to you, so I was just curious if they're still alive). Hope you growing is going well there in OKC. I move away from SE OKC/Moore area and up to Iowa in Feb...
  12. butlern

    Finally made it to the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum

    I've been really afraid to try Hinoki... Those I've seen up close look like they're generally right on the verge of a crash. But here, a true specimen, one cared for by those who must be among the most knowledgeable, also shows signs of tip browning. It must be standard for the tips of Hinoki to...
  13. butlern

    Big shimpaku from evergreen garden (Brent)

    How is this Shimpaku doing?
  14. butlern

    Air layering questions.
  15. butlern

    What do I do with this guy now that I lifted and planted it?

    Did any of these show signs of recovery?
  16. butlern

    Craigslist Ficus project

    Still progressing. getting some ramification in canopy above the clump, trying to get movement in the branches/branchlets, and encouraging the lower branches to lengthen and reach upwards. The 5 year goal:
  17. butlern

    post-mortem? (Dawn redwood air layer)

    Hi Charles, I was aiming to avoid "new roots" growing into the existing medium (dense bark/compost/standard nursery soil), because they would never easily release themselves if/when I attempted to separate the layer. Seems this worry is no longer an issue. Perhaps it was too wet to throw...
  18. butlern

    post-mortem? (Dawn redwood air layer)

    I picked up a Dawn Redwood (Schulman's Nordlicht cultivar) last spring. Really interesting foliage, but a painfully slow growing dwarf cultivar. Anyway, in my excitement over the beautiful, soft foliage, and promising trunk/branch taper and branch structure, I never cleared away the soil to...
  19. butlern

    Urgent. Slip pot Larch forest

    All of those trees in that grouping looked pretty damn happy to me... as did the new growth in the first photos in the first post... not sure why this was categorized as an emergency! I guess pictures are not doing justice to the dire state of the planting. Hope they recover soon!
  20. butlern

    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Special history, indeed. Although this tree is the "leaner" (i.e. skinnier) of the two sisters, I do think it has terrific potential. The juniper to its left is also from Brent (massive base), as is the juniper on the far right, lower bench. I "bundled" when I ordered from Evergreen...
  21. butlern

    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    BVF, it turns out the "sister tree" is tucked on my bench in Iowa. See it back there? There she is! Todd Schlafer is visiting some of us in eastern Iowa this June. I've decided to discuss and focus on this juniper and its styling during his visit. It was a bit pale when it arrived from...
  22. butlern

    How to secure pots when it is wind

    Not really pretty, but effective enough.
  23. butlern

    How to secure pots when it is wind

    bungee cord
  24. butlern

    Crepe Myrtles Advice

    Glad to hear they are bringing some joy to someone, even a year after I left them in the ground behind my house. Great that you passed them along and didn't just pitch them in the trash can! Best, Noah
  25. butlern

    Crepe Myrtles Advice

    Johnathan, Are these crepe myrtles still alive? How are they doing this spring? Noah