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  1. base797

    Could Daconil do this, if not, then what?

    So, last year I had an issue with rhizophaera fungus, spruce needle cast. This year I have been applying Daconil fungicide as a preventative measure. Due to having so many spruce, all on slightly different schedules (pushing buds), I end up over spraying and hitting (especially small ones) other...
  2. base797

    Douglas Fir

    Spent the afternoon working on this Douglas Fir. Collected in 2010, height is 26" and trunk is 2.5" above the base. Brought it inside for a pic and can take better ones tomorrow if there is interest. Patrik
  3. base797

    First bonsai pot for semi cascade spruce

    Engelmann spruce, ollected in 2011, initial styling last spring. Was in an Anderson flat earlier today. Noticed a very healthy root system and lots of mycorrhizae. Not the final pot and would appreciate any thoughts, virts, advice on a final pot in a couple years. All thoughts welcome. Caliper...
  4. base797

    What is the optimal timing for re-injuring a scar on JM?

    Ive got a few maples that are recovering from major branch removal within the last couple years and I am wondering when the very best time is to re-injure those scars and seal with cut paste. Last year I did it after the new growth hardened off and the results were pretty good. Also, I assume...
  5. base797

    Small Colorado spruce needs a final pot

    This is a small Colorado spruce (caliper just under 2") that could go into a final pot when I make a decision on one (and buy it because my pot selection is not vast). Would love to hear people's thoughts and opinions. Virts welcome. Any styling critiques/thoughts welcome as usual. I have seen a...
  6. base797

    Smallish formal spruce

    Odd that I am posting formal trees seeing as I only have a few. This one has a caliper of 3.5 inches and a height of 28". It was collected 4 years ago and got the bones set last year. No detail wiring till late summer/early fall. It came out of a mixing tub a couple weeks ago and into a training...
  7. base797

    Engelmann spruce- What would you do?

    So I collected this spruce several years ago from the high country in Colorado. Trunk caliper is a little over 6 inches. Late last summer I gave it an initial styling, extra foliage was retained for health and no detail wiring. At the time I considered a jin for the top front branch that would...