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    Mancozeb for Japanese maples

    Has anyone used Mancozeb on Japanese maples? The label does not list maples and wondering if this is ok to apply to the foliage. If so what rate of application?
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    Trident issue

    I’ve noticed this on some of my tridents. Is this fungal? I’ve been spraying regularly with Daconil so a bit surprised.
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    Maple videos

    Wondering if anyone could give me insight on the maple training videos by Boon and Bjorn. What sort of reviews or suggestions for each. Thanks.
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    Japanese maple progress

    I figured I'd track this maple's progress along the way. It's still obviously got a long way to go. It was grown from seed in 2010 so 7 years old this spring. I posted the front that I envision along with where I'd like to take it in the future and where it is after some minor cleaning up...
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    Reciprocating saw

    I would like to get one of these to use for bonsai. Any suggestions on what to get from those that have used for bonsai before? I have a large trident that is going to need some heavy duty root work come spring. Thanks
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    Japanese maple pest

    Found these little white things on the underside of Maple leaf. Any idea what they are and best way to treat?
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    japanese maple progression

    Not sure where to go with this one. I'm nervous to make large chops on this one. I need some motivation or suggestions. Attached a bunch of pics. Haven't done root work on this since 2012. First series of photos is of basic root structure and then in grow box 2012. Will post what it looks...
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    Tokoname grow pot or mica pots

    I'm looking for good prices and sources for either type of pot. Anyone have a recommendation and what and who they use and why? I want to grow out material while encouraging root spread and for pots that are durable enough to withstand our winters and that don't injure roots if moving from bench...
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    Soil for Larch

    Does anyone have suggestions for soils to use with American larch as well as Japanese larch? Thanks.
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    Kotohime maple

    Can anyone guide me to a decent source for these maples? Looking for the 5-10 year range.
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    Big bend of needle juniper?

    What's the best time to do big bends on these? Early spring or is fall an acceptable time? The portion of trunk is about 1" in diameter. Just want to put more movement in this section.
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    Maple leaf removal in fall?

    I've read from those like Owen Reich that people remove the leaves on their maples in the fall as opposed to letting them fall off naturally. Do people do this? I've heard two sides of the argument. One is that the mechanical removal prior to natural drop is that it aids in the prevention of...
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    Pesticide and Insecticide Safety

    Maybe I'm am one of the more paranoid people but I was wondering others thoughts on why there isn't a forum for insecticide and pesticides and using them safely. I am one that would really like to see something like this in the future. I understand that these are all different but seems like...
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    pine sun requirements

    How many hours of sun should a healthy pine bonsai get? Full sun = 6 hours or more? I live in the Philadelphia area if that matters. Thanks.
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    soil source?

    I'm looking for good deals on akadama, pumice, lava, kanuma and river rock. Does anyone have sources that are relatively cheap and high quality? Shipping costs are starting to be ridiculous... Thanks!!!
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    Zerotol and Pines

    Does anyone use Zerotol as a pine fungicide treatment? Does this require protection of the soil? I've read that you should drench the soil on maples? Is there ever a fungicide treatment on pines that does not require protection of the root zone?
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    What's on this juniper?

    This just started showing up on juniper. I pruned out a couple of branches that have this. Should I be concerned? Is this a gall of some sort? How is the best way to treat this? It looks bad on the tree. I'm referring to the yellowish like growth on the branch. Thanks
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    japanese black pine wilting?

    Just saw this morning as I was watering. I have never seen before. Any ideas what might have caused this? I have not done a lot to this pine. I applied Daconil a few days ago and back in Mid june did some decandling. We did have a really bad storm with high winds a night or two ago. Could...
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    Problem child Japanese Black Pine

    I have been working with this black pine for some time. Unfortunately, I have been finding getting it to cooperate have been more difficult than I anticipated. Any recommendations for making this workable material? I wish there were more buds closer to the interior but have kind of just let...
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    Trident Maple ideas?

    I took a few pictures today of my trident maple that has been growing in the ground for the past 3 years. It's starting to approach the size trunk that I want. Some root work was done in 2010 prior to putting in ground so I'm not quite sure what the roots are like at this point. I was hoping...
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    Partial candle pruning?

    I have a black pine in training and was wondering if anyone can recommend some next steps? I was thinking about candle pruning the base of the tree to develop some ramification and letting the sacrifice branch grow to develop trunk girth. Any suggestions?