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  1. Wee

    Some bonsai folks have guns

    There is not a better shooting 380 made than the Sig P238.....Not cheap but it is a pleasure to shoot. Stay away from the lightweight polymer plastic 380's....They kick too bad and hurt your hand after 50 rounds or so. Good luck at the range.... Brian
  2. Wee

    What is killing my Yaupon Holly.....?

    Well it's doing much better....I'm going to chalk this up to lack of water getting to all the roots....I think I'll dig it back up early next spring and put it in a much courser mix that is sifted very well. Brian
  3. Wee

    What's in your kitchen?

    Used my new smoker for the first time today....Just a couple chicken halves. They turned out pretty good considering this was my first try at smoking anything. I bought the Oklahoma Joe's Highlander at a flea market brand new in the box for $200, just too good of a deal to pass up and my old...
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    Please Share your Photos

    Took about 30 seconds with an iPhone 5.....I pass these (3) trees (2) time a day and always think how cool they would be in they were only 3 feet tall. Brian
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    Please Share your Photos

    Took this one today on the way home from the office..... Brian
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    My bulldogs and aussie...

    I hear you on the weight....My Aussie "Briggs" has always been free feed....But now that he is getting older and a little less active he started putting on the pounds.....Last visit to the vet he was 78 lbs.....Started measuring his food and has dropped 6 pounds. He is from a line of cattle...
  7. Wee

    My bulldogs and aussie...

    That is one fine looking Aussie....How much does Ahsoka weigh....? Brian
  8. Wee

    Winter view

    I don't think I have ever seen a better group of trees posted together than these here....Walter "they" can question your methods all they want.....These trees speak for themselves.....Great work. Brian
  9. Wee

    Getting ready to post 3 videos, What's the best day to post?

    I watched some of your BC videos a year or two ago....Nice work. Brian
  10. Wee

    Trout in the Volunteer State

    Looks like Ya'll had a great time.....Wonderful photos. Brian
  11. Wee

    Only in America....

    Reminds me of this Ron White skit....(language warning) Brian
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    Please Share your Photos

    I got some new tires.... Brian
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    Las Vegas...

    There should be a cuss filter....JMO and for the first time I will have to find the "Ignore button..." Somethings I just will not put up with. Brian
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    Iker 9, Iker 10......

    He does really nice work and I was surprised that the prices are more than far. Brian
  15. Wee

    Las Vegas...

    You might want to rethink that.....? Brian
  16. Wee

    Bonsai Nut Ranks

    Guilty as charged....Including the Post 11:" I Quit" but I keep coming back. Brian
  17. Wee

    Las Vegas...

    It took swat almost an hour and a half to knock down the hotel room door....Reports are that the shooter took his life right before they entered.....I haven't heard how long the shooting went on....? Did he actually run out of ammo or did he just quit shooting...? I also saw reports that he had...
  18. Wee

    What is killing my Yaupon Holly.....?

    So far it's faring better than the other 3 did.....Once they started turning brown they were gone in less than 2 weeks. After I put this one in the ground I cut all the brown dead leaves off and it hasn't gotten any more since. I really think it was just not getting enough water. Thank Ya'll...
  19. Wee

    Latest project in progress 240g tank

    Steve....That background makes anything else I have ever saw seem completely amateurish. I have always felt that the fake coral reefs the "Tanked" guys use are just awful, yours is fantastic. Job well done. Brian
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    Please Share your Photos

    How about a little before and after....Old 7UP machine I'm restoring. Brian
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    Please Share your Photos

    I see I'm not the only one using lots of scrap granite and marble...... Brian
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    Please Share your Photos

    Took this one a couple of years ago at a Corvette car show.... Brian
  23. Wee

    Late night yamadori ninja mission.

    I'll just leave this here..... Brian
  24. Wee

    Silly question - turning a ceramic bowl into a pot

    Here is the link to the post on my website....Looks like I used a 3/4" bit. Brian
  25. Wee

    What's in your kitchen?

    No food pics but I do have an oddity....1956 Coke machine....Converted to vend cans and it kept my beer ice cold till I quite drinking about 6 months ago. It's just for looks now. Brian