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    My latest root over rock.

    Ok so they are just outdoor drink tables but I figured you guy would like these. I just finished making these 2 table2. Started with 2 x 100lbs chunks of soapstone from "Southern Oregon Soapstone". All hand forged steel by me and some nice redwood slabs mounted in the branches. They are needed...
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    maples wanted

    Does anyone have some rooted clippings or air layers of the following variates of Japanese Maples. Looking for a good source to get some starter material. The Wife took a liking to them over the weekend. Murasaki kiyohime Mikawa yatsubusa Thanks Brian M.
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    JBP air layering

    Was planning on trying to airlayers some of my JBP's this year. My origanl plan was start them here in March. Looks like we are still going to have temps below freezing over the next 2 weeks. 30 degrees this week and a night of 26 next week. What do people think to early or ok to start them?
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    air pots

    So I have been playing with these air pots for a year now. Really like them for 3 reasons. One I can adjust the depth of the pot. Two they come apart easy so I don't have to disturb the roots much to move plants to a larger pot. Three I run a automatic water system and with good draining soil...