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  1. bonsaidave

    Is cheap fall nursery stock a good idea?

    Some places have good summer sales to get rid of seasonal stock too. In late winter Home Depot gets stock in. Sometimes they have been neglected by the grower and are pretty cool. I have a couple ilex bushes I picked up for $15 with 3-4 inch trunks. You never know what you will find any...
  2. bonsaidave

    1800’s Bonsai tree book Japanese

    Thanks for sharing Scott. Old drawings are always fun to look through.
  3. bonsaidave

    Practice trees

    Watch videos, read, and take notes. If you need something to play with just go by something from big box stores. Don't be surprised if you kill that boxwood in a year or two regardless. The name of the game really is patience.
  4. bonsaidave

    Pros and Cons: 1/4” vs 3/8” lava (scoria)

    Dang what a sweet deal. Nothing like that around my area.
  5. bonsaidave

    Starting from seeds

    Seeds can be a fun side project. You really can't play with them too much the first year. Collect some local tree seeds. I collected and planted hackberry seeds last fall. Nature did all the freezing work. I just stuck them in planters and covered them. I now have tons of them growing in...
  6. bonsaidave

    Lets talk winterizing

    I lost a couple collected saplings from not watering enough last winter. One was an elm. This winter I will be watering more often.
  7. bonsaidave

    HELP: Kingsville Boxwood Is dying?

    Looks to me like it didn't have enough water or it got to much late afternoon sunlight cooking the newer growth. Ether one or combination of both. It's going to be tough keeping it alive in a dorm. Read up on boxwoods and how to care for them. Best of luck to you. PS. I killed my...
  8. bonsaidave

    Soil recommendation

    It is very likely they are in 100% peatmoss. Get a picture of the soil under the rocks on both. Where will these be kept? Is outside an option?
  9. bonsaidave

    Cheap Training Pot Score

    Clear plastic won't kill anything. The root just stay away from the very edge. These are two elm root cuttings that have been in a sandwich meat container for a year and a half. Planted in old soil. Tiny holes in the bottom for drainage.
  10. bonsaidave

    Post your favorite Bonsai

    Nice thread there. Gives me some ideas for the future. Love the little bright green leaves when the first pop in the spring.
  11. bonsaidave

    Post your favorite Bonsai

    That bald cypress looks crazy. I like it!
  12. bonsaidave

    Show Us Your Bonsai Benches

    Cinder blocks, some wood, and shade cloth. Nothing fancy to match all my works in progress.
  13. bonsaidave

    Nuclear Power...

    Someone has been watching Chris Matthews live again. 🤣😂😋
  14. bonsaidave

    Nuclear Power...

    I will poke around more sometime this week. I just visited for a moment and I have gone through this site long ago when it was just Chernobyl info. Glad to see more updates and some stuff from Fukushima too. Thanks for the links, . Even if someone doesn't care about...
  15. bonsaidave

    Nuclear Power...

    Not too bad. Life goes on and my freedoms continue. PS. Put me in as Glorious Supreme Leader for 10 years and I could get this bitch back on track.
  16. bonsaidave

    Nuclear Power...

    It was just the first decent link I found. I have been seeing articles, from time to time, about the technology for the last 10 years though. Byproducts and waste products happen no matter where you get energy from. We just have to decide what we will accept and what we can deal with (CO2...
  17. bonsaidave

    Nuclear Power... Micro nuke reactors are the way of the future and have been in the works for 20 years. Self contained, can't melt down and breach the outer container, last for years then...
  18. bonsaidave

    Decomposed granite as substrate

    I would think watering would be a bitch.
  19. bonsaidave

    hole in the base the Chinese elm

    I don't think that split will ever look right/good. GroundLayer that sucker just above the split. That's my vote.
  20. bonsaidave

    "You have been warned"

    That's enough internet for today... 😑
  21. bonsaidave

    How big is your Trunk

    Nothing on my bench qualifies yet. I'm work'n on it damit. This shit takes time! I have a couple chunkers I am working on. Give me 5 more years.
  22. bonsaidave


    Welcome. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Be sure to search out older posts. There is some great information and inspiration on this forum going back a decade.
  23. bonsaidave

    Progress of my Murraya

    Looks cool, lots of branching and trunks. Post more pics in a couple months. What type of plant is this? My only suggestion would be to think about reducing those 1 or 2 branch/trunks that are right in the middle. They are a bit distracting. If those are much shorter you should get a...
  24. bonsaidave

    Getting started? Newbie here.

    There are lots of websites and videos that are great for starting out. You don't absolutely need to buy any books. Try not to take criticism as personal attacks but accept it and ponder on how to fix the issues raised. The search bar here is great. Be prepared to read a lot though. Try...