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  1. AndyWilson


    Nice G52, that little shimpaku is coming along very nicely, i know how you like your deadwood! Where is that little field grown maple?
  2. AndyWilson

    Tired of Crappy Threads

    :eek: :D hehehe.
  3. AndyWilson

    Collecting. With or without permission?

    Hmm, i always ask, but here we dont need permission for most species, its just protected native species that require a permit.
  4. AndyWilson

    Baobab as bonsai

    Well, its between 15 and 20 cms. Hole? er nope no hole in this one...
  5. AndyWilson

    Baobab as bonsai

    Here is an absolute beauty from the Pretoria Bonsai Kai show this year, it belongs to Theuns Roos. This tree has inspired me to try this species again, it is beautifull
  6. AndyWilson

    Some suggestions

    You are a cheerful lad arent you? With advise like that who needs a recession;-)
  7. AndyWilson

    Conifer Id Needed

    Yeah, i was considering the smaller one for bonsai, the other two are going to stay the way they are as perfectly good landscape trees!
  8. AndyWilson

    Conifer Id Needed

    Thank you both for the ID and your help! Its much appreciated. I take it the best time to drastically prune (trunk chop) would be late winter?
  9. AndyWilson

    Conifer Id Needed

    Full Trees Here is a pic of th foliage on the full trees.
  10. AndyWilson

    Conifer Id Needed

    Thanks, i will take a look at that and get some full sized pics in tomorrow. After viewing some Hollywood juniper i have to say it does look very similar, but all three of these are bolt upright, with the foliage quite close to the trunk, there is none of the twisted characteristics
  11. AndyWilson

    Conifer Id Needed

    Hey Folks There are hardly any confiers that i would recognise but this one has me baffled. I have tried nurseries but they all say "juniper" with a confused look on their faces. This is one of three in my garden, each between 20-25 feet tall and about 12 inches all the way round the base...
  12. AndyWilson

    Where Does your Bonsai knowledge come from?

    I was thinking about the efficacy of various sources of knowledge and information within the field of bonsai. It got me wondering, where does your bonsai knowledge come from? How do you rate the various sources of information and why? Has your source of information changed as you've grown...
  13. AndyWilson

    Talent = Vision?

    So true Andy, While i lay no claim to having any great vision i think i have improved in my four bonsai years. When i began i was taught to make triangles, a lot of my trees reflect this. Once i had this basic my teacher has (only in the last year) encouraged me to practice differing forms and...
  14. AndyWilson

    Debate Poll

    Man, i wish everyone would do this. This sentiment is spot on.
  15. AndyWilson

    Japanese Maple

    I dont know how much good defoliating is going to do at this stage of development, isnt this going to slow your progress down?
  16. AndyWilson

    Japanese Maple

    Nice pot. kinda looks like it wants to become a broom eventually. But i would echo sentiments about the ground.
  17. AndyWilson


    Vance, what is your opinion on the escape technique for development, whereby the roots are allowed to escape out of a pot or nursery bag into the ground and grow freely? This solves a lot of my space problems and seems to give a compact root system to boot, due to my limited years in bonsai i...
  18. AndyWilson

    Yamadori Discussion

    30 hours of carefull wiring to bring out the tree from his mind. Wow. fantastic link Andy, just goes to show you how doing something patiently and properly can produce the most wonderfull results. As for quality yamadori, i have seen beautiful old olives bought by begginers and chopped into...
  19. AndyWilson

    Nursery Stock Masterpieces

    It really is a fantastic idea Will and i think that posting a gallery will stop the interruptions and give people a chance to see the whole story first. BTW Asus i believe that Melaluca is not Will's and would advise reading all the text first before trying to attack him again...:eek:
  20. AndyWilson

    National Bonsai Exhibition

    i wish i could be there to see this historic event, its been a long time coming.
  21. AndyWilson

    Olive Forest

    Thanks all for the suggestions, i will be seeing the new owner of this composition soon and will put the ideas to her. BTW a few of the "problem" trees are actually later editions, i am trying to track down an earlier pic where two of the trees were in different positions.
  22. AndyWilson

    Yamadori Discussion

    Great find Will. That about sums it up better then i ever could. Thank you Dan Barton!
  23. AndyWilson

    New messageboards?

    Aye, BNut i thought that was precisely what the bar was for? to discuss things unrelated to bonsai. It does seem like there is alot of interest, here and at other forums in both Koi and japanese gardens though...
  24. AndyWilson

    HELP; Three VERY odd tress from atop a brick mound... What ARE they?

    They propogate very easily from soft to semi-hard wood cuttings. here is some info from Brent The thing i like about them is that you can make convincing mame and shohin bonsai quite quickly with cotoneasters, they are tough little guys too.
  25. AndyWilson

    HELP; Three VERY odd tress from atop a brick mound... What ARE they?

    Check out the bottom two pics here And here Not the greatest pics but i think closer to the correct species. Check out Cotoneaster microphyllus too...
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