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    sorry to hear that,i am in paradise and will keep my eyes open.keep an eye on Craigslist there and i will up here.
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    Creation of a Large Rock Planting

    very nice composition.i have thought for years to do something with the pile of lacerock i collected in the hills.have lots of satsuki and trident maples i thought would look good together. living in california with our dry summers may be a problem for me . once again very nice and thanks...
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    Trident maple seedlings?

    if you are in the northern California area stop by and i will give you all you want,i pull them up like weeds.
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    How I package up my trees to ship

    Thanks for the step by step info.i have way to many satsuki and kingville boxwoods and have been wondering how to pack them.
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    chinese quince

    when Kathy Shaner was studying in japan she gave me some quince seeds and told me to expect them to bloom in 7 to 10 years.they bloomed in that time frame and now the fruit have sprouted and i have 80 to 100 baby's it the ground and 4 inch pots .they should bloom in a few years bruce
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    If Kanuma supply dries up...what will you use for azalea?

    i have been growing satsuki's for 25 years in amix of sifted pumice and pine bark 3parts bark to 2 parts pumice.i also throw in some sulfer to help keep the ph down.
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    Satsuki with yellow leaves

    just normal fall coloring,should just have summer leaves around buds left after leaves drop.have close to 1500 azaleas and all showing fall coloring to some degree now.