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  1. Anthony

    Need some advice please

    Guys/Gals, need some advice please. You may or may not have seen the Soil teacup storm, but it is there. How do you handle folk who have not read up on a topic. Asking you to educate them ? On my side, you are expected to have some knowledge on the topic, and thus to deepen the...
  2. Anthony

    Sharing some work

    Thought I might visually share - [1[ the Caribbean / Honduran pine mix [ the Caribbean pine is Tropical off of Cuba ] Made one botch - hardwood and needs ground growing to trunk thicken. Using the J.B.pine technique needles can be had at 3 and 4 inch lengths instead of 6/8 inches. So here you...
  3. Anthony

    Temperatures - earth and air

    Did a check with the Herbarium at the University of the West Indies, seems that Trinidad only had 22 species of trees in the beginning. The rest are via Bird poop, from South, Central and North America. Some survived / adapted and became abundant enough to be logging trees. Others came as...
  4. Anthony

    Changes due to Cold and Age,

    Well a good many of the trees are in their early and late 30's, some are older, but were bought old. This year, February was a month of high 60's and we said goodbye to some efforts, mostly Serrisa s, Fukien tea and a few pthers. Might have been the full sun and then cold night or lack of extra...
  5. Anthony

    Seed theory - Adaptation from Cold to Tropics

    Okay folks, we noted over the years [ 1988 to present ] that J,B,pine seeds would be say, 30 planted - 25 or so germinate, and 5 to 10 would grow very well. The rest would slowly die/fade. So we want to test an idea. The whole world was once Sub-Tropical and the genes for sub-tropics should...
  6. Anthony

    Days getting shorter, light weaker ---------> Winter in the West Indies [ Caribbean ]

    So last month a test was done, defoliated a Hackberry. Response, a rapid regrowth of leaves. This month, leaves are just matured and no new growth. The idea was to see how many branchlets would end up thicker than a needle. Anything finer just dies in the fridge or [ we do test in the North...
  7. Anthony


    @Marlon , here you are. The first is a guava type, probably from Brazil, seed dropped by a bird, One problem, prefers to grow evenly as the trunk goes. Still have to solve that one. Most likely - Sub Tropical [ Bnut has no Sub Tropical forum ] Second one - local guava - old trees have...
  8. Anthony

    The best low maintenance tree for Bonsai - INDOORS

    Note - from China and how often to water. Good Luck Anthony
  9. Anthony

    Time Capsule 2018 - Fustic - Epic Fail.- Try Again next year

    Well the Fustic was entered, Objective - A] 3 to 4 inch trunk B] Heal wound Result - ! ] Plant was placed in the growing trough as space became available - April - May this 2018 There was a small back branch. 2] Growth became rampant - pruned back every 2 weeks. 3] Back branch refused to...
  10. Anthony

    Earth unplugged

  11. Anthony

    J.B.pine videos -------- opinions

    Morning Sifu [ @Adair M ] came across this - wondered what you thought. I am amazed at the density of the pine. In part 3. Respectfully, Anthony
  12. Anthony

    Temperate -> Sub-Tropical -> Tropical

    So, here is how it is ........... Planted 30 J,B,pine seed -------- 25 survive -------- 10 or so grow rapidly. First set 30 + years down the road no problems zone 7 to zone 10 to zone 13b Planted 40 Mikawa -------- 10 survive ----------- still growing well 3 + years. zone 4 to zone 9 to zone...
  13. Anthony

    How the tests go

    @Ingvill , every tie we get something new we have to test. First is HEAlTH. Later comes Design. So to help you not become depressed as you learn. This is a Clerodendron [ or Clerodendrum ? } From our sister isle - Barbados, where it grows wild. From a cutting. Soil is silica based gravel /...
  14. Anthony

    Shrub, name unknown

    @Johnathan , @my nellie , @Clicio , Thought this might amuse you three. A shrub, not yet identified. Found as stump, by the side of the road. Very leaf dense and only a year or so of training. Fruit and flowers. Waiting to see if the fruit changes colour. With more training to see how branch...
  15. Anthony

    J.B.Pine contest folk - Important - Read this Please

    Bonsai Today no. 4 page - 66 the information that ties in with the cutting of the seedling, Visually explains how you use the lowest branch extensions to create thick rootage. Also shows the top branch thickening the trunk. Bonsai Today no. 20 page 49 point 9 [ top of page ] Explains how...
  16. Anthony

    A few images

    For @sorce , @my nellie , and @Lorax7 , and @M. Frary [ though this may not be flammable ] I asked K for permission to show. Lorax, I do not paint, I invent, my brother-in-law designs the Bonsai, I just water and weed as the others with tell you. Most of the Atelier painters took their work...
  17. Anthony

    Caution - long read and might make some angry Read this a while ago. Thought I might share, Been looking to see if any Tropical Bonsai Forums - had been reborn. Good Day Anthony
  18. Anthony

    Seeds , Cuttings and Cultivars

    Well went looking at Mr. Valavannis's log last night, Ran into two situations. [1] A cultivar of the Trident maple with leaves apparently the size of a finger nail. Large Bonsai and thousands / millions of leaves. Imagine, no having to defoliate, naturally small and abundant. This is the...
  19. Anthony

    Testing an idea ------- saucers as pots - or how shallow can you go

    My brother-in -law, just left this on another forum. Wanted to share. We can get UV resistant plant saucers up to 2 feet wide and 3 inches deep. So the experiment - place seedling in centre and see how it responds root wise. Also roughly the equal of a 16 x 5 inch pot as a 24 x 3 inch saucer...
  20. Anthony

    What to do with this ?

    Another accidental from seed. You gotta love the variables with seeds. The tree is about 6 inches tall. Maybe 4 or 5 years old ? Has a good few branches and roots are rising slowly. Soil is our basic 7 parts 5 mm inorganic to 3 parts organic. Earthenware pot - porous. Placement - full sun I...
  21. Anthony

    It's a Hobby part 2

    Okay folks, please be honest , Is this a hobby or a profession ? A great many of the clashes here seem to be Hobbyist versus Professionals. So what level do you want to work at ? I will go first, Hobbyist. However, I was trained to do my best. So though I have the ears of Professionals [...
  22. Anthony

    Look woman / man, it's a hobby ...................

    It's a hobby, backyard and relaxation, You can go to the ceramic centre and learn to make pots. Be honest with yourself if you are anti-social and have no friends to help with lifting of trees, then size down to what you can handle. Make a simple soil that costs little. Grow from seed /...
  23. Anthony

    Something Inspiring and HAPPY ...........

    Knew the song, never saw the video. Wonder what Trinidad is like ................... Enjoy Anthony
  24. Anthony

    Pines progress

    @Gustavo Martins, As a thank you for the conversation you just left, visuals. This J.b,pine was grown as shown in the Bonsai Today article. These events did not take place. [1] Seedling was not cut. why - observation over 30 years showed surface roots occur naturally. The author also states...
  25. Anthony

    Clerodendron [ drum ?] all the tests are done, now for training

    Well gentle reader, you should know by now we go through stages of development with new trees / shrubs. First stage is Health, second stage is observing branch density, ability to trunk thicken, and so on, before training. Can you make it lush ? Here are the results - visually. [1] Soil mix...