5yr native tree challenge

  1. trigo

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Trigo's Pitanga (Eugenia Uniflora, Surinam Cherry, Brazil Cherry) - Progress Thread

    Starting late into the challenge, but better late than never right? This is a pitanga yamadori collected on march of 2023, it was left on the ground to recover for 4 months, while on the ground it growed capilary roots closer to the trunk and sprouted some branches bellow the first trunk chop...
  2. Kanorin

    Kanorin's Aronia melanocarpa - 5 year native tree challenge

    Bad news: Our sewer line has a crack in it and a strip of my yard and landscaping needs to be dug up next week for sewer repairs. Good news: I get a chance to "save" this black chokeberry bush and see if it will tolerate joining my tiny tree collection. It's got a pretty decent base as I've...
  3. nutshell

    (5yr Native Tree Challenge) Nuttshell's Shortleaf Pine

    Here is my first entry for the 5yr Native Tree Challenge, a Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata). This one's leader had died back giving plenty of options for direction. After cleaning it up I was happy to see a nice bend down low, but the nebari doesn't look too promising. Spring repot will tell...
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