acacia bonsai

  1. Dorian Fourie

    Black Monkey Thorn Bonsai #4

    I recently received this Black monkey thorn (Senegalia burkei) from a friend who is emigrating to Australia. She can unfortunately not take it with them when they go so she entrusted it to me. According to the tag on the tree, it was started in 1995 making it 22 yrs old. Over the next...
  2. Angela

    Acacia Advice, Please?

    Hi there! So I'm not sure if there's a forum for this, so sorry if I'm messing this up ... This is my first ever bonsai. My parents got it for me. It's an Acacia, though I'm not sure what type -- it has thorns and the bark of the trunk has an almost feathery texture - it's soft and if you...
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