acer campestre

  1. LunaticTree

    Yamadori Construction side collection

    Check thoose out! As a Landscapegardener I regulary come across unwnated Trees and saplings, those two here have ben at a recent constructioin site and have ben dug up before they came with the bulldozer to eliminate whatever was left of the Trees. As you can see they are a little bit "sad"...
  2. Caleb Campbell

    Field Maple from seed?

    Just ordered some Acer campestre seeds from F. W. Schumacher so I can start stratifying them pretty soon and sow them next spring. I figured it would be a great species to start from seed because they can tolerate my hot humid climate, and they bulk up and develop very fast, similar to how...
  3. Tieball

    Field Maple. Acer Campestre. It’s Been Lifted Now

    After about 12 years of growing first in a box and then transferred to the ground for further growing this Acer Campestre, Field Maple, twig grew enough to be dug-up and boxed. Bittersweet feeling....after all those years of easy care...watering and sometimes weeding. Just watching and growing...
  4. J

    Cute little one

    I know it’s not even near for what a bonsai is. Not even 5% there yet, but i just wanna show a cute little plant i have. I don’t know why but this kiddo just make me so attracted to it. Does the trunk movement retain when it grows? Mmmm... but i guess not ‘cause if i grow it to thicken the...
  5. cbroad

    Field Maple Progression

    Here's a field maple I've had since June of 2017. I bought it at Meehan's Miniatures, I think for around $25-30, and I was pretty excited because I had been looking for one for a long time. As bought: I slip potted it that summer into a 5 gallon pot and honestly, I can't remember if I've...
  6. R

    Collected field maple tree

    Collected this small tree today. Was growing from a large tree root, fully exposed to sun all day, in south east coast UK. I love, it it has so many small leaves. Should it be kept full sun all day, should I keep it in the shade for awhile? Any advice is welcome
  7. R0b

    Acer campestris

    This tree was purchased earlier this year. It was a bit overgrown and pruned aggressively. My second attempt at wiring, not completely unhappy with the result. All those years of twisting rope around cucumber and tomato plants in my youth do pay of I guess. Some questions: I want the branches...
  8. peterbone

    2 year progression of a Field Maple

    This is a tree that I collected locally (south east England) last year. Here's how it looks now. Prior to collection I had chopped it and left it where it was for a year. Here it is in the ground after chopping. In March 2017 I collected it. It had some nice fine roots close to the trunk...
  9. pweifan

    Scott's Collected Hedge Maple

    I've talked a few times about collecting a Hedge Maple this year and I wanted to get a thread started. The weather this past week has been just awful with storms and strong winds, so I haven't been able to document any of the work with this guy. As a teaser I'll just post the one bad pic I...
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