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  1. anthony burce

    Uneven Ramification

    Good Morning, Good Evening wherever you are. My japanese maple, Acer Palmatum, has uneven growth when cutting back to two buds. Usually one grows like crazy and the other does not. How can I get a balance of energy for two buds? My developing lowest branch has never had a balanced...
  2. goth_gardener

    Potting mix/Care for large Weeping Maple bonsai

    Hello nuts ! I rescued this beautiful maple tree on sale from my local nursery today and am curious about doing a larger bonsai situation in this pot… here is the tree resting on some previous potting soil in the container (will be acid loving later ofc), a larger pic of location just for fun...
  3. S

    Taking on a Shishio/Chishio Improved Cutting

    I purchased this young cutting online as a new project. This will be my second maple and I am definitely still a bonsai rookie. I’ve posted a pic of the tree as well as the planter I intend on using for the next couple of years. Reason for my post is that I want to make sure I do this very...
  4. J

    Odd Palmatum (Sango Kaku) air layering behavior??

    I'm lucky to have a rather large Palmatum in my backyard, and i started to air layer it this season. I took 6 air layerings to test how the tree responds. The tree has good genetics, roots rather quick and 5 of the air layers took, even the rather thick ones. However, the strangeness happened...
  5. SeanS

    SeanS shohin clump

    Here’s the progression of a shohin clump I have on the go. I air layered a cluster of 5 branches from a nursery tree during the 2020/21 growing season. Here’s the section I layered Here’s the tree separated and growing nicely Yesterday I did the initial cut back and wiring. I’ll repot...
  6. SeanS

    SeanS Maple 1

    Time to start a thread for my biggest JM. This is standard acer palmatum I picked up from a local garden nursery in July 2020 for ~$14 (R200). In the following August as the buds were swelling I trunk chopped and repotted the tree, and wired the primary branches. I chopped much higher than my...
  7. cbroad

    J.M. clump air layer

    Here's a Japanese maple clump air layer I've been growing since fall of 2016. It came off of a tree in my yard and unfortunately I don't know the variety. It gets a nice orange fall color which is a little unique with palmatums. I repotted it last Wednesday and took off the biggest trunk which...
  8. Jan JC

    Acer palmatum in "hot" weather ?

    Hey everyone! First of all, I'd like to apologize if my english isn't correct, I'm from Spain so it's not my maternal language... Anyway, I have a Japanese Maple (actually two of them), varieties are 'Seiryu' and 'Yamamomiji' (common Japanese Maple), since this spring-summer (2020). They've been...
  9. Thumbsaway

    Seedlings in 2x2x6 planters...

    i found some more exotic cultivars on Amazon (shh I know). They’re being shipped as 2 year grafted seedlings. Not a problem. the Problem came up when I went to repot from the nursery soil. Especially since they came in those tube pots. They each had 4 large roots and only had feeder roots...
  10. Z

    Japanese maple winter in a fridge

    I figured I would share this experiment with the forum incase anyone else is like me. I love the look of Japanese Maples, but I live in an area with a climate that easily kills Japanese Maples. We often get 1-2 months of -20 to -40. My unheated garage is usually about -10 inside when its -20...
  11. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Bi-Hoo turning black

    What exactly is happening here and why and can I prevent this in the future?
  12. Rivian

    Sango Kaku - Winter flame

    I have a Sango Kaku Japanese maple (first year, not much experience) and Im wondering how it compares to Winter flame, which is another red wood winter interest JM with similar leaves. However, Winter flame is more or less a dwarf variety not usually exceeding 8 feet tall. My main question is...
  13. Rivian

    [EU/Germany] Acer palmatum Beni Chidori

    If you know where to buy this cultivar please post it in this thread. Doesnt matter if grafted. Not interested in trained trees that cost hundreds of euros.
  14. P

    Wanted: Japanese Maple Seigen

    Have been searching forever for this cultivar, but to no avail. The few promising leads/nurseries are all sold out or won't sell them. Really been wanting to get one for a while now, even if it's a smaller less developed tree. If anyone is willing to sell, please let me know.
  15. Rivian

    Super small leaves JM?

    Look at what I found in a planter. Those are centimeters, not inches. Anyone guess the cultivar name? Cause I have no idea. The plant was about 1.4 meters tall, with very low graft union if any. Trunk was maybe 7cm diameter, from memory.
  16. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Osakazuki cultivar group

    I had some bad experience with Osakazuki and I want to avoid ordering cultivars with similar leathery leaves etc. ( I have thrown mine away so no pictures). But since I order online I may notice too late. So Im asking what other cultivars do you know of that are closely related to Osakazuki...
  17. JayD

    First Post: Acer Palmatum Seedling

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have grown to love and appreciate the Acer species from my time working in a Botanical Garden. Enjoying browsing the site so far! Started collecting plants for bonsai and training 2 years ago. I am excited to learn from and share with you all. Grabbed this...
  18. 07.jpg


    Leafing out. 1st March 2020
  19. 02.jpg


    First re-pot
  20. 01.jpg


    Bought from Herons Bonsai. January 2020
  21. J

    Acer Palmatum | Shishigashira - Feedback on my plan

    --- Overview and Goals --- I have a Shishigashira, currently growing as a landscape tree, that I want to continue to field grow with the intention to turn into bonsai in the future. The trunk of this tree is 2". I'd like to keep it in the ground another few years to thicken the trunk and develop...
  22. thumblessprimate1

    Small Nishikigawa

    I've started training this maple about 3 years ago. It was a grafted cultivar. First season I ground layered it. The second season of having it, I put it on a board. No nails to spread out roots, just screwed to a board and left to grow. Third season, I skipped work. Just too busy with things...
  23. Olific

    Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo - Weeds

    I found these little weeds growing in the pot around my Shindeshojo and was wondering what the best course of action was.
  24. ConorDash

    Acer Palmatum 'Beni-Maiko'

    Hello, I picked up a new Maple from Bobby. We are unconfirmed on exact cultivar, so please do have a few guesses if you like. I expect maybe next spring, as the leaves emerge and mature, will give more info. We do suspect 1 cultivar but I will not say it, and see what people guess :) DSC_0804...
  25. sixemkay

    Can you ID this Acer Palmatum?

    I purchased this tree earlier this summer from a woman on Craigslist. She couldn't remember which type of Japanese Maple it was. What do you think it is? Thanks in advance :) Attached are pictures of: newly opened leaves; whole tree; mature leaf
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