1. jbhampton31

    Large Tridents Please Help!

    I am a beginning my 2nd yr in bonsai. I purchased these trident maples from a widow of a club member who has passed. I got these trees late last spring and I am looking for help on how best to get these trees back on a path towards becoming bonsai. Trident #1 has 3 trunks and a big calloused...
  2. C

    Maple guess

    Any idea what kind of acer palmatum is this ? Photo made today.
  3. Clicio

    Acer Dissectum in Brazil - a progression.

    I got this Dissectum sapling almost dead last winter. As it is somehow difficult to find them around, I've decided to invest in some LTC and now it is going well. Picture from Feb 2023, mid-summer here. I will try to make a progression out of it. Suggestions are welcome.
  4. H

    Is my Japanese Maple happy? (NYC)

    Hello! I have a potted Japanese Maple that I got in April. It has seemed very lush and happy until this week when I noticed some of the leaves had turned brown and shriveled and some others had turned from bright green to yellow/pinkish. It receives morning light from about 9:30am to 1:30pm. I...
  5. LunaticTree

    Acer platanoides Yamadori

    Collected this one last year, so far it is doing pretty nice and you can already see all the new Buds growing! I am not sure yet what to do with this weird twisted double trunk, thinking to get rid of one of them or make a Jin out of it. WIll have to see which one looks better and which one...
  6. Scrogdor

    First Acer Palmatum progression thread

    Picked this JPM Acer Palmatum up back in July. Had some health issues due to being shipped through a hurricane. But has bounced back and roots are bursting out of the bottom/ sides of the airpot. I first cut a slant chop at the top, but decided to chop lower to keep some good movement...
  7. Caleb Campbell

    Japanese Maple Field Growing Progression Thread

    I just planted some of my smaller palmatums in the ground, and I want to get a sense of their development speed. I have had a hard time finding any threads showcasing Japanese maples' speed of trunk growth in the ground over the course of years. I see lots of refinement progressions, but not...
  8. Caleb Campbell

    Field Maple diagnoses

    I received these from Evergreen Garden works, the first, smaller one in late July, the second larger one in late August. Both trees looked very happy and healthy upon arrival, but after getting the first one, within a week I saw the first signs of these dead leaf spots. A month later I got the...
  9. G

    Help with type of Maple

    Hi all! There is a large maple I am in the process of buying with the plans of creating a very large bonsai but myself and the nursery I’m getting it from are not 100% sure what type it is. The leaves are those of the paper bark and there are areas where it is flakey and coming off but the...
  10. Japanese Maple

    Japanese Maple

    This tree is under the care of @Owen Reich and is one of my favorite trees to think about when I envision a Japanese maple. Photo by @callisto_visuals
  11. BitsaBon

    "Going Green" Japanese maple progression

    Purchased this tree in a bit of haste when first getting into bonsai (outside of owning an indoor ficsus). I was attracted to it because of its apparent vigour/twin trunk, only to learn multiple reasons why this wasn't perhaps the best choice. These include vertical growth, node distance, leaf...
  12. Julio-Rufo

    Late frost - Sprouting trees

    Dear forum, My name is Julio, and I would like to say hello to everyone. Let’s have a brief introduction first. For the past years I have developed my bonsai hobby in Spain. Something like 3 years ago I moved to Basel, Switzerland. Last autumn I decided to recap with the hobby here again, so I...
  13. Fishtank307

    A. palmatum 'kotohime' clump

    It's been a long time since I posted here! I want to start a thread to follow the progress of this kotohime clump I got last year: It started to leaf out last week, so I repotted it into this oval pot: I'm planning on airlayering one or two branches that are growing inward. The overall...
  14. Rivian

    [EU/Germany] Acer palmatum Beni Chidori

    If you know where to buy this cultivar please post it in this thread. Doesnt matter if grafted. Not interested in trained trees that cost hundreds of euros.
  15. Clicio

    He didn't know maples would not grow in the tropics, so he went ahead.

    No, I am not talking about trident maples; those are like weeds everywhere. You need to drag them tied to the rear of a a truck to kill them, or so they say. I am trying some different cultivars, like Deshojo and Kotohime. The secret (up to now...) is taking them out of the sun on time, before...
  16. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Osakazuki cultivar group

    I had some bad experience with Osakazuki and I want to avoid ordering cultivars with similar leathery leaves etc. ( I have thrown mine away so no pictures). But since I order online I may notice too late. So Im asking what other cultivars do you know of that are closely related to Osakazuki...
  17. I

    Surprise Me Maples

    A month or so ago I bought a few maple seedlings to make a fusion/forest type deal. Now I reckoned i wanna play around and make a mame, or even a shito. I didn’t take a cutting from my tree because I wanna boost growth a bit, so I just bought another since they’re only 6 or 6 RMB (about 1...
  18. Bob824

    Acer palmatum in Beaverton

    Hi, New to the forum, and recently got back into bonsai after a brief stint in the early 2000s. Never really out of the beginner stage, so please be kind. Picked up this Acer palmatum in the middle of a nursery field of what seemed like leftover plants. Not sure what exact variety (or...
  19. BarkLeafTrees

    Arakawa Maple air layer?

    I’ve found an Acer Palmatum Arakawa for sale near me but I’m unsure whether to go ahead with buying it. I knew they’d be a graft that I’d have to air layer off but the rough bark just gives me the idea that it won’t air layer as easy as other maples? Has anyone else had any success layering an...
  20. BonjourBonsai

    Question on position of air layer, or when you come to a fork in the road, do you take it?

    I'd like to air layer a part of this Acer P. but I'm not sure where. Should I: layer below the Y and make a double trunk, Layer the left or the right and leave the other, or Layer both above the Y There are some leaves below the Y so if I did 1 or 3 the tree should be ok. If I did 2, I could...
  21. I

    Little maple bonsai

    So i was at the nursery and I found this cute little maple, I couldn’t but buy it (15euros!!!) but now i was wondering if it should be repotted or if its ready to be wired? Thanks, izzy
  22. Sn0W

    Shaping 300 Maple Saplings

    I purchased some Japanese Maple and Trident Maple saplings on ebay from an end of year clearance. I've ended up with about 250 Japanese maples and 50 Trident maples. I was looking for an easier/faster way to put movement into them rather than wiring 300 individual plants. Someone mentioned on...
  23. Deshojo Maple 03.jpg

    Deshojo Maple 03.jpg

    Leafing out. 1st March 2020
  24. Deshojo Maple 02.jpg

    Deshojo Maple 02.jpg

    First re-pot
  25. Deshojo Maple 01.jpg

    Deshojo Maple 01.jpg

    Bought from Herons Bonsai. January 2020
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