1. O

    Foemina Juniper Bark Management

    I was just wondering if anyone had any general tips on Foemina bark management. I have a tree with Jin several shari. I was going to clean off the bark they way I usually do for itoigawa. However I noticed that the new red bark layer is a bit more delicate on my Foemina. Does anyone clean bark...
  2. Agriff

    Clip and Grow Appreciation Thread

    I was reading through this thread here about wiring, and it encouraged a debate about clip and grow. I think it would be worthwhile to highlight some of the merits of this bonsai philosophy. Pro-wire folks regard clip and grow as one useful tool in their toolbox, but I'm intrigued by this...
  3. Andrew Robson

    Bonsai Fundamentals Course

    Hello Bonsai Nuts, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the new course that my teacher Michael Hagedorn launched recently with Bonsai Empire! The Bonsai Fundamentals Course covers 3 topics of bonsai that are not often talked about, Plant Physiology, Japanese Aesthetics, and Bonsai Design. The...
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