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  1. P

    Help with propagating bushes and root suckers

    Hello, so I've scouted for good plants to propagate and I seem to have found a juniper and a rosemary. Attached are the places I'm considering air layering, do they seem alright? On another note, I've found a lot of alright looking olives but the issue is they are all growing from an existing...
  2. ForeverRaynning

    Newbie to Bonsai, any of this have potential to be air layered?

    Hopefully this is the right subforum. I made a post in the ‘new to bonsai’ section and got some suggestions to try cuttings and air layering to propegate some local trees/plants whilst I wait on my seeds. I went and had a look at the beech hedge we have and took some pictures, these are just...
  3. M

    Paul's Scarlet Air Layering - Callus but no roots

    Help please on Callus forming around and even above air layering cut. I began this air layering in fairly early spring as the weather was so mild and started a Hornbeam layering at the same time. The hornbeam has sent out loads of healthy roots filling the bag nicely. However the Paul's Scarlet...
  4. Clicio

    Air layering Corkbark Elm suggestions.

    This Corkbark Elm is too tall and straight, so I have been wondering what to do. 1- chop it down. 2 - air layer it. 3 - making it a weeping elm. My preference is to air layer it (on the green line), and after cutting the layer chop it down to the first branchlet (blue line). But... Suggestions...
  5. Bonsilot

    Air Layering Thick T-Intersection Olive Branch

    I'm looking for advice on how to best airlayer a large T shaped branch on a European Olive (see photos). Questions below. Any tips or info on how long it will likely take would be greatly appreciated too. Here's my current plan: Make cuts on the branch at the red lines shown in the photos...
  6. electraus

    Air layering a topped A. Palmatum

    My parents purchased a new vacation home up in hills last December and they were so excited to show me around when I went home for the holidays. It’s definitely a really nice place, but I very quickly lost interest in the home itself upon seeing the practically prehistoric Japanese maple in the...
  7. *tree*

    air layering pitch pines

    I bought three large 60 cm pitch pine saplings and I want to air payer them to make a lot of smaller trees as a shohin material, but is early spring a good time to do it or I should wait and do it when the trees are growing. And also should I use the wire or the ring method? I have read that...
  8. B

    [97 Days] 1st Success: Air-Layering Japanese Black Pine

    Hello Bonsai Nutters, I would like to share my experience with air-layering (AL) a Japanese Black Pine (JBP). This specimen is a result of my first successful attempt at air-layering a JBP. Prior to this Air Layer, of all the references found on the Internet, the general accepted timing for...
  9. F

    Strong U.K. rooting hormone

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to point me towards a industrial strength rooting hormone that is available in the U.K.? I have read some threads talking about "Hormodin 3" but unfortunately, its not obtainable here. I'm looking for something primarily for Acer cuttings, which...
  10. S

    question for those with experience of air layering to grow surface roots question - what to do once the roots grow?

    Seeking guidance on an air layering question: I am a beginner and am trying to develop surface roots. I am going to try the ‘ring’ air layering technique (cutting a ring through the bark and growing roots into moss). My question is, what should I do with the new roots once they have grown...
  11. S

    Question for those with experience of Air layering surface roots - what to do once the roots grow?

    Seeking guidance on an air layering question: I am a beginner and am trying to develop visible surface roots. I have tried the ‘ring’ air layering technique (cutting a ring through the bark and growing roots into moss). My question is, what should I do with the new roots once they have grown...
  12. BonjourBonsai

    Cedar deodar air layer

    I've been working on a cedar deodar air layer for 1.5 years. First attempt failed when bark healed over. I reset it this spring. I checked it today and saw some roots starting. I think it's not ready for separation. It looks like it could use another year. How can I best prepare it for over...
  13. veles616

    Last year air layering

    Last year I tried airlayering some trees and the biggest branch that made it was one from my salix caprea, I left it alone to recover till this year. The main thing I'm learning right now is patience which I have none. There are a ton of mistakes in this picture and I'm asking you for you...
  14. LeftHandLuke

    Advice for Red Maple Recently Air-layered

    Would very much appreciate advice on choosing a leader for this recently grown air-layered red maple. I'm new to the art and chose this odd branch back in April because of the odd twisting fork. I didn't know any better (and probably still don't :)) so I figured it would be interesting in some...
  15. CapeFear盆景

    Air layering garden tree

    A friend had this large maple garden tree he said I could air layer. I’ve never done an air layering of a maple and was hoping for some tips. He also does not know how to prune the tree and is becoming a bit over grown. So my question is how do I prune such a large garden tree. Also I’m not...
  16. Bezalel Nebari

    BRT Air Layer Leaves Not Opening

    I started this air layer on my BRT about a month ago. First I hard chopped everything below it, which caused the top part that I am layering to explode in new growth. After about 2 weeks, the leaves above the layering point closed and never opened again, and there hasn't been any new growth up...
  17. cbroad

    Post hydroponic ficus finagling

    I'm going to try to start posting more of my trees, for critiques, public pillory, or whatever:p. I have very few devoted threads for my stuff, other than crap that I posted when I first came here in 2014. I've been trying to push my stuff forward since joining here, so a lot of my stuff are...
  18. boguz

    Air layering Trident maple

    Hello Last week i air-layered my trident. I used spagnum moss and cocopeat as layering medium. I hope i'll share good results :)
  19. boguz

    Air Layering Thuja

    Hello nuts My Thuja's base was good and it was too tall, so i air layered it. I used spaghnum moss and some cocopeat as layering medium, and also some rooting powder. It is first time i am air layering a conifer, so i hope it Works :)
  20. S

    Comunnis yamadori

    Hi everyone I'd like to collect part of this tree, but since its massive and the vegetation is far away from the base I thought I could graft it this season with some ito/kishu cuttings iv got ,and then, next year, try some air layering or root grafting The red lines are live veins while the...
  21. P

    Air layering question

    Ok, so I am very new to air layering. I tried it on a cherry tree last year but was unsuccessful (I believe it was mostly due to attempting it at the wrong time of the year). My question is, has anyone ever tried soaking their sphagnum in willow water before packing it around the air layer...
  22. M

    Air Layers failing

    So I started three different air layers on my potted fruit trees in early October, I live in zone 7b. One on my Barbados cherry tree and two on my orange tree. I have successfully air layered other deciduous trees but have had no success with fruit trees. All three air layers were doing just...
  23. xisbi

    Air layer started to drop leaves after 2 days

    hi I am new to air layering and could use some help. I air layered a meyer lemon tree and within a day the leaves of the air layered part started to fall. Did I remove too much when I was removing the bark of the branch? the new growth that was on the branch before the air layer so far kept...
  24. Fishtank307

    A. palmatum 'shishigashira'

    Hi everyone! I just came back from a tree nursery with this rather large Acer palmatum shishigashira. They had a lot of japanese maples for 'garden use' in stock and I remembered this cultivar being used for bonsai. It was on sale, so I didn't really hesitate. The base and cultivar was what...
  25. B

    Air Layering

    So I did air layering for the first time after watching many videos on it's so I knew how to do it properly. I did it on a lions head Japanese maple that I have; I air layered two branches on this tree and waited 8 weeks. I checked today if there were roots and this is what I saw (see pictures)...
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