air pruning pots vs regular pots

  1. chuckwc1

    What's your Pre-Bonsai Soil & Pot set up?

    Have a number of tropical and deciduous tree that are in need of a repot this spring and further growth before settling down into a bonsai pot. I’m still quite the beginner, but thought I could learn from everyone’s different setups. Read some older posts related to this, and learned a lot from...
  2. Bonsai Hunter

    Why are standard Nursery Pots more popular than Air Pruning Pots ?

    Why are standard nursery/regular pots more popular than air pruning pots, in bonsai & gardening ? And this is a general observation, not specific to any location or country. Shouldn't the air pruning pots be the default standard everywhere, specially at pre-bonsai nurseries and tree nurseries ...
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