air pruning

  1. Clicio

    Air Prune pots? Never again!

    Well, I have fallen for the siren's chant and purchased 2 air prune pots, one XXL and one XL, from AliXPress. During the winter of 2021, one and a half years ago, I've reppoted a big Malus and a fairly big Dawn Redwood into the pots, to get more fine roots closer to the trunk. It worked pretty...
  2. cornfed

    The Four-Inch Rule: Air Pruning from Germination & Rootmaker

    As I began learning more about bonsai, I stumbled across a concept you guys are all very familiar with, but was new to me: Air-Pruning. I learned about it while researching a local tree nursery that uses "The Rootmaker System" by reading the literature on their website. Pictured below is an...
  3. Bonsai Hunter

    Why are standard Nursery Pots more popular than Air Pruning Pots ?

    Why are standard nursery/regular pots more popular than air pruning pots, in bonsai & gardening ? And this is a general observation, not specific to any location or country. Shouldn't the air pruning pots be the default standard everywhere, specially at pre-bonsai nurseries and tree nurseries ...
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