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    After removing all sphagnum from air layer process.
  4. aphid

    Flowering pear seedling?

    Probably a flowering pear? It has a really nice bark, but full of big thorns. It's a wild seedling that grows from a small crack in the boulders in my backyard. It has never flowered so it can't be that old. Maybe 10 years old? I trimmed it down a bit a couple of years ago to make it branch...
  5. Aiki_Joker

    2.5" Bougainvillea Air Layer Cut Too Soon? :0/

    Hey everyone! I hope all is well. Looking for advice on this if possible. This was airlayered for only 3 weeks and I got impatient!! :0/ Does anyone have any tips for survival? I'm working and living in Oman and nights are above 30C here days are upto 40C in this shaded plant room where it is...
  6. S

    Quince, when can I air layer

    I have a very large, old quince bush (about 8 ft high and 8 ft in diameter) at the border of my yard. It is a multistem (literally hundreds), very thorny and produces red flowers in very early spring but rarely yellow, tennis ball sized, fruit. I do not know the species. I would like to know...
  7. BonsaiButler

    More plums

    I have quite a few wild plums. Here are some recent pics of two of them including a new air layer from this season.