alberta spruce

  1. Bad_Bonsai

    My 3 year old Alberta Spruce.

    This is my Dwarf Spruce I made from nursury stock. It was one of the first trees that survived my ever evolving overwintering process. I reppotted it into this in early spring, and cut the wire off today. My intention is to leave it be now for the next year, maybe more, and proceed with further...
  2. Atom#28

    My other DAS ist gut (dwarf Alberta spruce #2)

    I have this thing in my brain that never allows me to buy just one. So I got two! Here’s the other dwarf Alberta Spruce I have been working on. First bought in winter of 2019/2020. Here’s my progress up to today, with a lot of inspiration from Mr Pall’s work, via recent advice from @BobbyLane...
  3. SilverioSan

    Not Enough Light, What You Guys Think About This Setup?

    So, I thought that my patio wasn't getting enough light so I decided to go for a little project. I have put my babies underneath a grow lights 6xBulbs T5 HO 6500K the distance from the top of the left maple is 6 inch and I have run a little test getting 4820 Lumens on top of the tree and 3000...
  4. M

    alberta spruce

    It was typical dwarf alberta in pot. now it is some kind of chokkan.
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