albizia saman monkeypod raintree

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    Lorax7 Monkeypod #1 progression

    I’ve had this tree for a while, but apparently I’d never gotten around to creating a progression thread for it. Started from seed in fall of 2017, but I don’t have photos going back that far. Here it is in July 2021: September 2021 (white patches are cold damage, I believe — I’ve come to...
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    Disease or sun bleaching?

    I’ve got an Albizia saman tree that’s got leaves turning white around the outer margins, but there also appear to be some little brown dots as well. It’s being kept indoors under an LED panel. I’ve got 3 other trees of the same species under similar lighting conditions and they’re all looking...
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    Monkeypod tree leaves not opening

    I’ve got a monkeypod tree sapling that I started from seed a year ago. Last winter, I kept it in an office with a large south-facing wall of windows. It made it through the winter ok and it unfolded and folded its leaves each day. This year, I’m wintering a different tree at the office and...
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