1. berzerkules

    A few of my future alder raft projects

    I collected a bunch of little alders last year. It was my first year so I dug a lot of little insignificant stuff to see how they responded. I also did some basic wiring practice on them to get comfortable and figure out how much movement I could get with alder before it was too much. Just a...
  2. berzerkules

    Twin trunk alder

    I haven't shared many of my trees here yet and figured I should document a beginner making mistakes. 5/18/22 Collected about 20 feet from a lake. Nice radial roots with no tap root. Was growing in about 6 inches of organic debris on top of a layer of sand. Quick easy dig. 6/5/22. Seems to...
  3. O

    Suggestions for Red Alder substrate mix

    I'm new to bonsai, been doing it for about a year or two now. I've got a red alder in my drive way that I'm planning on collecting this spring but I'm not sure about which substrate mix to use. I've got pumice, lava rock, and peat moss on hand, does any one have a ratio recommendations? Thanks...
  4. henrykiser

    Grey Alder

    Dad dug this apparent grey alder in late winter at my folks’ property along a stream in North Georgia. We scouted around looking for hornbeam and based on the trunk thought we had found an interesting one growing upright on a slope. He researched more based on the buds and looks like it is grey...
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