1. Clicio

    Fish emulsion from the Amazon River.

    This is the fish emulsion that I have been using for three or four years. It is mostly a mix of fresh water fish, and small crustaceans, all from the Amazon basin. It seems to be working very well, specially when alternating it with some kelp emulsion. What I like in it is the low NPK - which is...
  2. theguywithcrocs

    Recommended Tools

    I've been using Bonsai Nut for awhile now, but I just caved and created an account to try and find answers to my dilemma. I've been in the bonsai game for about two years now, and the trees that I collected locally, and some raw material I've purchased is beginning to mature. With this, I've...
  3. Clicio

    Nebari. Brazilian Style.

    Amazon Rain Forest. photo ©2018 AraquemAlcantara
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