1. Kanorin

    Genus study - Amelanchier aka "Serviceberries"

    Are you looking for a bonsai that has... The ability to tolerate cold (Most can handle zone 4 in the ground...some species can even go colder) Flowers Fruit Nice fall color The ability to tolerate full sun or partial sun Bark that roughens up with age ...then you should try out a serviceberry...
  2. Kanorin

    5yr Native Tree Challenge: Kanorin's Amelanchier arborea (downy serviceberry)

    I collected this tree in the Ozark "mountains" this winter (February 2022). Didn't know the species at first, but it had a great base and really neat craggy bark down at the bottom. Here is a picture with the roots as I was potting up in Feb. Got some really strong growth so far - May 2022
  3. Atom#28

    Collected Amelanchier: SO UGLY!

    Neighbor was going to kill them, and I said NOPE. Bother were planted in pumice and left in the shade for about a week. They are both starting to push new buds. I don't know if they'll survive the winter. First frost comes in about 4 weeks. @Leo in N E Illinois- you seem to be the resident...
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