amur maple

  1. LeftHandLuke

    What's happening to the leaves on my amur maple (acer ginnala)?

    This doesn't strike me as chlorosis, or is it? Fungus? Pest? Normal and harmless? Any information greatly appreciated!
  2. palafr01

    Amur maple advice

    Hey guys another post here about a troublesome maple that i have. I have had the tree for 7 years and due to a combination of poor soil for a number of years and neglect it has ended up in this sorry state. 2 years ago i placed it in an APL mix to improve the roots but the akadama degraded. So i...
  3. jszg

    Amurs on a Rock

    Here is my humble attempt to get a little Amur Maple grove growing on a rock. If it doesnt work, well, it's not like amur maple is a precious resource. The rock: I then did my best to cloak the rock in wet sphagnum moss, maybe an inch or so in depth, as a substrate for the young maples. I...
  4. C

    Flame Amur Maple Nursery Stock

    Hello! I’m a beginner (Zone 5a) looking for some insight on this Amur maple I picked up yesterday. I was thinking about where to chop it to have it build more taper, how to develop it properly, etc. Basically, I’m wondering what would you do with this? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. L

    Lorax7 Amur Maple #1 progression

    My first “real” bonsai. Here it is in 2017: Spring 2018: 2019: 2020: 2021:
  6. shakotan710

    Amur Maple

    Here is an Amur Maple I bought at the GSBF annual show in late October 2018. Not much has been done on it besides a simple repot and removal of branches. This upcoming winter I plan to set the design for the tree. Unfortunately don't have any pictures in leaf. It had some interesting fall color...
  7. J

    Nursery Discounted Amur, Fall Chop?

    Greetings. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I scooped up a 1/2 price Amur Maple this weekend in Denver. I was going to buy a grill at HomeDepot when I naturally stumbled upon some Amur Maples for $35. I have been raising a small collection of tropical trees indoors under lights in the...
  8. Brad in GR

    Cuttings - repot vs patience

    Amur maple, Siberian elm, ficus nerifolia cuttings planted in May have taken well. Most have doubled on originally planted size. Repot, or show patience / protect well over winter and repot in spring?
  9. Crassula king

    2019 summer plants

    This is a small pinion pine that I collected from relatives land in Utah. It is doing well so far in a mix of fine washed diotomacious earth treating with liquid fertilizer most waterings. I am pretty confident in my ability to keep it healthy, but don't know much about conifer development. Any...
  10. Brad in GR

    Amur Maple design

    Purchased Amur Maple. Trimmed due to it being a bit out of control and to learn how the tree reacts. Now starting to ponder design longer-term. May put in the ground for root health, may just go up to a larger pot next spring. Either way, I'm still inexperienced from a design perspective and...
  11. Timarsen

    Beautiful Amur Maple in a Tom Benda Pot

    Unfortunately, for financial reasons I have to part with the crown jewel of my collection. This is an Amur Maple I purchased from Ryan Neil, it was repotted last year and is growing vigorously in this Tom Benda pot (same style, but larger, than this one). With a few years of refinement this is...
  12. J

    Is It Time To Prune?

    I have these 2 Amur maples, grown from seed, 3.5 years old, trunk diameter nearly a half inch and each are approximately 3 feet tall. Also, I reside in zone 7. I have two questions and would appreciate any input.....does it make sense to prune them now and does moving them to a shallower pot...
  13. G

    Amur Maple seedlings! Bonsai noobie

    Hello everyone! I'm super happy I found this forum. Any advice is greatly needed. So I got some maple seeds online and I left them in the fridge for two months, starting in July. I took them out on the 12th of September and two of the three seeds I put in there have sprouted! I'm keeping them...
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