amur maple

  1. Timarsen

    Beautiful Amur Maple in a Tom Benda Pot

    Unfortunately, for financial reasons I have to part with the crown jewel of my collection. This is an Amur Maple I purchased from Ryan Neil, it was repotted last year and is growing vigorously in this Tom Benda pot (same style, but larger, than this one). With a few years of refinement this is...
  2. J

    Is It Time To Prune?

    I have these 2 Amur maples, grown from seed, 3.5 years old, trunk diameter nearly a half inch and each are approximately 3 feet tall. Also, I reside in zone 7. I have two questions and would appreciate any input.....does it make sense to prune them now and does moving them to a shallower pot...
  3. G

    Amur Maple seedlings! Bonsai noobie

    Hello everyone! I'm super happy I found this forum. Any advice is greatly needed. So I got some maple seeds online and I left them in the fridge for two months, starting in July. I took them out on the 12th of September and two of the three seeds I put in there have sprouted! I'm keeping them...
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