antique pots

  1. V

    bringing used bonsai pots to USA

    I'm currently in Japan, traveling back to the US soon. I bought some bonsai pots that had been used before. I've cleaned them to the best of my ability with what I have here (which isn't much). Is US Customs going to give me a hard time and inspect every last speck of dirt and tell me they can't...
  2. Maya

    Antique pot?

    Today we purchased this pot. It is heavy (thick walls) with a rough finish (bit nanban ish). The pot lacks any stamps or makers mark. The only provenance is that the pot was imported from Japan purchased in Osaka. Any thoughts on this pot?
  3. NewtotheArt

    Best Websites for Pots?

    In my search for some handmade pots, Im not able to find many good websites that offer a wide range of pots. I prefer handmade/higher-end pots that are the one-of-a-kind type, not so much production pots. I’m still new to Bonsai but there are some incredible pots that I’ve came across. I just...
  4. Tbwilson33

    Pot ID help

    Can anyone ID the maker of this pot?
  5. Gsquared

    Any thoughts on this old pot?

    I found this pot at an antique show last year. Snagged it at a very reasonable price. I knew it was older Japanese and figure it is from the Meiji period. But that is about all I know. I did see a similar one on EBay that had to be by the same kiln and probably artists too—the shape and painting...
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