1. T

    What should I do with this Chinese juniper stricta?

    Hello, I am very new to bonsai (a few weeks) and recently came to acquire a Chinese Juniper stricta that a neighbour was throwing away. I had to cut a lot off as it was dead and the tree seemed pretty unhealthy. I plan to let it gain its strength and so on but after that I am clueless. I mainly...
  2. S

    Repotting Issue

    Hi all, first post! Total beginner, but enjoying the journey so far! I bought cheap Ficus Ginseng which I’ve had for over a year. Bought it and didn’t realise what I was getting into. Having now partially educated myself on some of the basics now I realise it is in completely the wrong pot. It...
  3. Jr3al

    Hi Everyone I’m in love with bonsai

    So it’s been maybe 3-4 months since I found out bonsai was accessible to me like when Mr miagi gave Ralph machio his first bonsai. Full disclosure my cat leapt of a shelf didn’t quite clear the first tree I owned. Needles to say that didn’t and well. Fast forward 3 months and two good indoor...
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