1. goth_gardener

    Juniper Nana Funky Dieback on Apex

    Hey all! In zone 9b-ish microclimate West L.A. Have a juniper I took over recently and restyled and potted. Previous owner said it was fertilized early winter and seemed to be pumping out some good growth. I’ve had some funky whitish die back on the crown… given it superthrive, seaweed extract...
  2. M

    Collected Buttonwood from Florida

    Hi all! Just wanted to send some pics of a buttonwood I found. Styling suggestions/virts always welcome! The tree is budding everywhere, I’m really excited to see where it goes.
  3. M

    American Beech Yamadori

    Hey friends, I recently dug up this very interesting American Beech from the forests of West Virginia. I thought it had very interesting and beautiful features. i am not experienced with deadwood or much wiring though, and I don’t know if it has potential. What do you guys think? worth it...
  4. Apex


    Apex detail on the mother trunk
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