1. SeedlingMeg

    Chinese Elm Newbie... think I have a few problems

    Hi all! I'm completely new to this hobby. I received a bonsai as a present in late august! From the information I've gathered it seems that it was ordered online but other than that I have no more context on where it came from. It's a Chinese Elm, that is (unconfirmed) 7 years old. I'll just...
  2. Slmr38

    Help with my satsuki azalea!

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to the bonsai world (since Sept) and I have a satsuki azalea that was purchased in remembrance of a friends family member so it has tons of sentimental value. It had been doing really well until recently. I bought bonsai fertilizer (probably part of my mistake)...
  3. sparklemotion

    Constant vigilance!

    That $5 variegated hedera from the grocery store seems a lot less charming now that I found a bunch these on my key lime. No damage yet from what I can tell, but I am out of insecticidal soap.
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