1. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree -aphids ?

    I have a Brazilian Raintree. I Am keeping it indoors for the winter (Zone 9b). Some of the leaves, especially the new growth, is curling up on itself. And I can see tiny specks/flakes in the photo (but not really with the naked eye). Also, some of the leaves has a sticky/shiny substance. This...
  2. JuniperSol

    Advice for my Brazilian Raintree

    So I am a recent owner of a Brazilian Raintree. I’ve been doing my best to take care of it (keeping it under a large grow light while it was indoors [moved it outside today in the shade to integrate it], watering when needed, fertilizing, etc.) but want to get some advice. I’ve attached photos...
  3. Jhervi

    Root aphid problem. What has worked for you?

    Hi Yall, With various different products on the market, I wanted to see what yall were using to rid your bonsai of aphids? Did it work? I understand that most people use preventative measures before a problem occurs, but sadly I overlooked this and now a few of my trees have a small root aphid...
  4. amatbrewer

    I have an aphid control question

    My neighborhood is plagued with aphids. The neighborhood is filled with maples, birch and other assorted trees, most get little to no care. Every year my wife’s flowers and my kids Service Berry get aphids. I have seen some signs of aphids in the neighborhood trees and the Service Berry has...
  5. Olific

    Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo - Aphids

    Three weeks ago I ventured out and bought this nice Shindeshojo from a local Bonsai retailer. I was looking through their selection for a tree with potential but that had already been grown out a little bit. This tree was out back with a host of other impressive trees. It immediately caught my...
  6. SilverioSan

    Aphids on my Maple, What You Guys Reccomend?

    So funny enough this morning I both the Bayer 3-in-1 Insect Disease and Mite Control Concentrate from Amazon and just now having a close look at the newest shoot on my maple that's what I have found (See Picture) Would this product be safe enough on my maple tree and can I use it also on my...
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