1. Apex37

    Picsart - Photo Editing App

    I wanted to draw awareness to a free app I just discovered that’s great for editing photos, replacing or adding in images, backgrounds, etc. I know Photoshop obviously allows you to do this and much more, but I was pleasantly surprised with this app considering its free. I’m in no way affiliated...
  2. pandacular

    Evolution of Mirai Live

    I'm surprised this has not been discussed yet as far as I can tell. It seems that there are some changes coming to the structure of Mirai Live. Ryan's words, which I used in the title, were that of an evolution. This was mostly announced in this stream, and I can't find anything in writing...
  3. Minnesota Madman

    Maintenance/History/Photo Journal App

    HI everybody. I was at a bonsai auction this fall and bumped into somebody I had recently purchased a tree from. I asked him how he wintered the tree and he whipped out his smartphone and had an extensive list of all his trees with critical data such as wintering needs, hardiness zones, history...
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