1. B

    Overwintering apple tree sapling indoors?

    Hello everybody, very new to this site and to Bonsai. I found a sprouting seed in an apple I was eating in May, and so I decided to give growing it out a go. I know I won’t really be getting proper apples from this plant because I’m growing it from seed, and that’s alright with me, I just...
  2. Sn0W

    Bramley Apple Clone 20

    I picked up this tree from Gumtree for a tenner. First I thought it would make some nice bonsai with a few air layers but I'm not so sure it's suitable. I wrote off the main trunk because of the huge scar I think may be a graft and also because it looks like someone's peeled the bark away from...
  3. camikins

    Tips to get crabapple to flower

    Hi - I've had a crabapple for a number of yrs (about 4 I think). It's happy and healthy, but has not flowered. Are there any particular pruning, or feeding tricks that I'm not doing right? I basically just feed once leaves are out, and repot every 2 to 3 yrs as needed, and try not to feed from...
  4. aml1014

    Apple tree collection

    Today I was talking with my mom about the plants in her back yard and I asked if I could take some airlayers from the Apple tree out back, she says " you can take the whole fuckin tree, I Haye it" and I tell her okay, I'll be there soon to pick it up lol. We are having what seems to be our last...
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