1. L

    If bonsai is art, what does it mean? (semiotics of bonsai)

    Personally, I happen to think that whether or not any particular bonsai tree is art is something to be determined individually, much like some writing is art but your grocery list isn't. Setting that aside, I think we can all agree that at least some bonsai are art. I confess ignorance about how...
  2. MattE

    Time lapse of BRT waking up

    Hey all, Thought you might enjoy this. I made a time lapse of my Brazilian rain tree waking up to the morning sun ( indoor lighting lol ) It amazes me how much plants move in a matter of 30 min.. they truly are such a miss understood species that we take for granted. Hope you enjoy this short...
  3. Lauren Shisler

    To draw or not to draw...

    I've been in a sketching mood recently (after the purchase of a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil ..and a very long hiatus of not drawing..) and was wondering if any of you Nutcases draw/paint as well! I'd love to see some photos of your art work! I saw this ugly looking bonsai in my grocery...
  4. fredtruck

    Bonsai and Art

    Everyone has an opinion on "Is bonsai art?" My thoughts are contained here, in this brief 4-page article.
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