artificial light

  1. M

    How long is too long?

    Rookie question here, but it's one I cannot seem to find the answer to. It's winter, so my plants aren't getting a ton of sun. I've read that 4 may be enough to keep them alive. 6 hours would be better. 8 hours even more ideal. But where do I draw the line? Why not give them 15 hours (like in...
  2. Culper Woodhull

    Grow lamp for Fukien Tea/Carmona Bonsai?

    I purchased a 12 year old Fukien tea bonsai a few days ago. I was doing so well with my Jade "afra" that I thought I'd take on another bonsai. I did not do my research before going to a local bonsai distributor, just sort of made an impulsive decision to swing by and check out their stock. I...
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