artificial lighting

  1. T

    Best Lighting Method for Indoor Bonsai?

    Hello! I have recently gotten into bonsai! I have what I think is a Fukein Tea tree? There was no label when my dad got it from Walmart. I also have a Buddhist Pine (currently still a tiny lil sapling, I love him), which I am most concerned about. I've kept him indoors for the entire time I've...
  2. Culper Woodhull

    Terrarium for Ficus Bonsai?

    I have an empty 55 gallon aquarium sitting in the garage and I've just discovered terrariums while surfing the web. They seem really cool and since I like bonsai, I was wondering if I could plant 2 ficus bonsai opposite each other in the aquarium? I have a plan to make a "miniature pond" in the...
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