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  1. rollwithak

    Pomagranate - Looking for some nutty suggestions

    Hi Nutties, Just removed my pomagranate air layer yesterday, wondering what you guys think and what you would do with this design? I’m fairly new to the “split trunk” so who best to ask! Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Tntthunder

    Where can I learn bonsai design?

    I feel like I have finally gotten the basic "rules" down. Now I would really like to move into in-depth design stuff, the trees from Japanese artists or from those who studied there seem to have such an amazing balance, amazing proportions, they look so natural and beautiful. Is there anywhere...
  3. Stanny

    Design help

    I’m new to bonsai and I’ve figured out the front but been kinda stuck on the design of this juniper. I wonder if I should have the lower branches go lower. Any thoughts?
  4. LeftHandLuke

    Advice for Red Maple Recently Air-layered

    Would very much appreciate advice on choosing a leader for this recently grown air-layered red maple. I'm new to the art and chose this odd branch back in April because of the odd twisting fork. I didn't know any better (and probably still don't :)) so I figured it would be interesting in some...
  5. BeebsBonsai

    Basic Bonsai Styling Principles: Where do they come from?

    Hello all, I have been thinking a lot about a topic lately, the basic tenets of bonsai styling. All of the things we have heard as rules that are only to be broken in special circumstances. What I have been wrestling with is why these specific guidelines? And, I think I have an idea for a...
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